Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

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  1. To provide students with a strong foundation in the Pharmaceutical science & Technology and prepare them as Pharmaceutical scientist & Technologist

  2. To inculcate professional and interpersonal skills in students by providing a highly technical core competent academic and research environment.

  3. To encourage & create a thrust of ambitious desire in students for higher studies and career growth.

  4. To train students to serve the community by creating awareness about pharmaceutical & health related issues.

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Programme Outcomes (POs)

  1. Graduates will acquire adequate scientific information regarding basic principles of pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry, Pharmaceutics including cosmetology, pharmacology and pharmacogonosy. They will also have hands on training of practical aspects of synthesis of APIs and its intermediates along with formulation and development. Analysis and quality assurance of various pharmaceutical dosage forms including those of herbal origin as per standards of official books, WHO and other regulatory agencies.

  2. Graduates will be able to think logically and solve problems, will develop an ability to conduct, analyze and interpret data of pharmaceutical experiments in various departments (Eg; Drug discovery, formulation & development production, Quality control & Quality assurance etc) as per the needs of pharmaceutical industries.

  3. Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of professional and ethical responsibilities as per pharmaceutical jurisprudence. They will be able to demonstrate knowledge and skills in all disciplines of pharmaceutical science.

  4. The graduates will acquire excellent interpersonal oral communication and writing skills. They will be able to demonstrate knowledge and proficiency with current audio-visual presentation technologies and develop an ability to communicate scientific knowledge in non-expert/ lay term by adopting various modes of scientific communications (e.g. abstract, Manuscripts, projects, oral and poster presentations etc). This will allow effective exchange of professional information.

  5. Graduates will demonstrate the impact of pharmacy knowledge on the society and also will be aware of modern issues. They will create awareness of healthcare issues through interactions will others and will gain a sense of self- respect towards community and citizenship.

  6. Graduates will be able to demonstrate a high-level of understanding of the key stages in drug discovery, development, and commercialization. This will lead to the manufacturing of drugs and pharmaceuticals considering its impact on the environment and surrounding.

  7. Graduates will develop an ability to visualize and work on multidisciplinary tasks. They will be able to demonstrate necessary skills (e.g. working independently, time management and organizational skills). They will demonstrate an adaptable, flexible and effective approach towards organizational development.