Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

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  1. To build sound foundation in mathematical, computer science and application concepts necessary to formulate, analyze and solve computer application problems faced by society.

  2. To communicate effectively, work harmoniously in teams with professional ethics and learn to adopt an integrated approach to solve problems using good analytical, design and implementation skills.

  3. To create a conducive environment for the students who will contribute to society as decisive, expressive, ethical and responsible citizens with proven expertise.

  4. To enrich students with effective communication skills, documentation skills, financial management skills and practices to give them an ability to solve multidisciplinary problems.

  5. To empower students with team building skills and leadership qualities that prepare them for employment, entrepreneurship and competent professionals to serve society and as per global needs.

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Programme Outcomes (POs)

  1. An ability to apply the mathematical, computing fundamental and scientific concepts that underlie to modern computing models.

  2. An ability to identify, analyze a problem, formulate algorithm, computing processes and its applications to reach substantial conclusions.

  3. Comprehensive designing and evaluating solutions for complex computing applications with consideration of public health, social welfare and environmental considerations.

  4. Use research-oriented knowledge to understand the impact of solutions for the recent technologies in industries and IT market.

  5. Use modern computing tools and techniques to solve the real world problems.

  6. Understand and commit to professional ethics and cyber regulations, responsibilities, and norms of professional computing practices.

  7. Create and provide recognition of need for an ability to engage in life-long learning and continuing professional development.

  8. To understand financial management principles for managing software projects in multidisciplinary environments.

  9. An ability to read-write effective reports, design documentation of software projects, make effective presentations, give and understand clear instructions.

  10. Comprehend and analyze health, safety, legal, ethical and cultural issues within the professional computing practices.

  11. Independent learning, as an individual and as a team leader, for continual development in multidisciplinary environment.

  12. Create, design and adapt innovative methodologies and apply the inherent skills with absolute focus to function as an entrepreneur.