With the advent of Technology, the world has become very small and well connected. This era of Globalization requires the professionals and managers from every industry to possess a wide range of technical and non- technical abilities, combining business skills, analytical thinking and the ability to exhibit expertise in an array of technical areas. In this evolving environment, Soft Skills have become equally essential as Hard Skills (here Technical Skills) not only to secure a good job but also to climb up the organizational ladder.
Considering this, the Training department was conceptualized in KIET Group of Institutions in October 2012 with a view to enhance the employability of students so that they are able to adjust better to the corporate atmosphere.

ASK->Attitude – Skills – Knowledge… Positive Attitude is the prime prerequisites of the industry in the 21st century. We try to inculcate same through Soft Skills training. Starting early we train students through workshops and regular sessions to become employable.

Soft Skills department works in tandem with the Mission of the institute, which is to inculcate the right human values and professional ethics in students by developing well-rounded individuals apt for industry.

We wish that the students create their own knowledge base on the basis of their quest for Learning & Progress.