1. Define communication .what do you mean by process of communication?
  2. Enlist the feature of technical communication.
  3. Communication is..............way process(one,two)
  4. Explain briefly grapevine communication. write its advantages and disadvantages.
  5. What is difference between upward communication and downward communication?explain with example.
  6. Enlist the features of technical communication


  1. Give the synonym of the word 'lucidity'
  2. Give the verb form of the word 'ability'.
  3. Describe with examples the requisties of agood sentence.
  4. What do you mean by rhe art pf condensation?focus upon yhe steps of the art condensation.
  5. What are the prerequistics of an effective paragraph of an effective paragraph ?describe the various order of paragraph writing


  1. The deductive method topic sentence occurs at the end of the paragraph(true/false).
  2. Define d.o letter
  3. Enlist the various parts of a business letter systematically
  4. Define 7 C's.
  5. Difference between upward communication and downward communication.


  1. What do you mean by analyzing audience & locale.
  2. Write a short note on negotiation skill
  3. Write all the steps of negotiation skill ?
  4. What a proxemics ? Discuss its different level.
  5. What is importance of chronemics ?


  1. Bring out how philosophy functions as a comprehensive science.
  2. What is a rose ? Answer this question from the point of view of
    (b).A literacy artist
  3. "Nature does what it does,not what we should wish" .Explain this statement.
  4. Name three pollutants in atmosphere according to Barry Commoner
  5. What was the prediction of national safety council of America in march ,1951 ?