Presentation Strategies: COMPONENTS OF PARAGRAPH DEVELOPMENT, Art of Condensation, Paragraph development, TECHNIQUES OF PARAGRAPH DEVELOPMENT.


1. topic sentence
2. Coherence
3. Unity
4. Adequate development
Let's try to discuss each component in order to understand how to write effective paragraph.

1. Topic sentence:-

Topic sentence means the main sentence or key sentence and all ideas and examples of the paragraph talks about it. the following is the example of topic sentences: "Many cartoon serials spread the message of violence" "Fashion addicted young generation" there are three different methods of writing topic sentence:
1. In the beginning of the paragraph.
2. At the end of the paragraph.
3. In the middel of the paragraph.
the most preferred method of writing topic sentecnce is in the beginning of the paragraph.

2. Coherence:-

it referes to the inter connection of different sentences of the paragraph. All sentences of the paragraph must be inter connected, there must be the link among all the sentence of the paragraph.Coherence enhances unity.

3. Unity:-

It refers to proper organization of ideas in the paragraph. Many writer comines more than one key sentences in a single paragraph and it creates confusion in the mind of the reader to understand the meaning. It is advisable not to inclue more than one key sentences in the paragraph.

4. Adequate development:-

It talks about the systematic flow of ideas and examples in the paragraph. There are different methods to develop the paragraph adequatly. the following are the most preferred methods:
i. formulation of controlling idea
ii. explanation of controlling idea
iii. example
iv. explanation of example
v. completion of paragraph's idea.

Art of Condensation:-

Condensation means process of making a book shorter by taking out anything that is not necessary. The process of condensation in creative writing is synonymous to précis writing.

Paragraph development:-

What is paragraph? Since childhood we have been writing different paragraphs as a part of our educational life. But we are unfamiliar with the meaning of "paragraph". The dictionary definition of "paragraph" says that "it is a group of meaningful sentences which talks about the central idea". In order to write effective paragraph we have to following the following fundamental principles:-
i.finding controlling idea
ii. following the process of germination
iii. brainstorming
iv. pre-writing
v. Writing
vi. post-writing (revising and editing)
Now, it becomes necessary to understand different components of paragraph development. The next section discusses the important components of paragrpah development.


There are five important techniques of paragraph development:
1. Illustration
2. Problem and solution
3. Cause and effect
4. Comparison or contrast
5. Classification.

1. Illustration:-

this technique talks about writing paragraph by giving logical ideas and examples. the real purpose is to present the key sentence by giving maximum details and examples.

2. Problem and solution:-

In this technique the paragraph beigins with the problem steatement e.g Ahmedabad is suffering from the problem of polution.Later on it discusses the solutions of this problem.

3. Cause and effect:-

In this technique the paragraph begins with the cause statement and later on it discusses the effect of particualr cause.

4. Comparison or contrast:-

This technique following either comparison or contrast in order to present the ideas effectively.

5. Classification:-

Generally in scientific and technical writing this kind of technique is used. The real purpose of this technique is to present the ideas through logical sequence of the ideas.