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Caution: Fasten your seat belts; you are now on a roller coaster ride called LIFE…

Article III; Series: ‘We are Here‘ ( Yesterday you read one aspect of this beautiful life wherein it was seen that self-acceptance is vital. Today, I am sharing the other aspect of this life wherein you will see faith, determination, and conviction in God’s plan make everything possible. Struggle is just a part of life; life […]

Journey from “no more” to “where the mind is without fear”

Article I; Series: ‘We are Here‘ Alas! I’m finished I’m gone,Everything I cherished has forgone;No one is left to love me anymore,I’m left with no option but to be no more……….. This is how a person committing suicide fills up his food for thought. His complete mindfulness resides in the emptiness of his life. He […]

Future in Eco-Friendly Construction | Civil Engineering

Because of the concerns raised by various environmentalists, the concept of green building construction has become immensely popular and has attracted a lot of attention. Furthermore, the meteoric rise in the population and demands have made it necessary that we address the issue of resourcefulness and sustainability sooner. There is a great scope in eco-friendly […]