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Caution: Fasten your seat belts; you are now on a roller coaster ride called LIFE…

Article III; Series: ‘We are Here‘ ( Yesterday you read one aspect of this beautiful life wherein it was seen that self-acceptance is vital. Today, I am sharing the other aspect of this life wherein you will see faith, determination, and conviction in God’s plan make everything possible. Struggle is just a part of life; life […]

Journey from “no more” to “where the mind is without fear”

Article I; Series: ‘We are Here‘ Alas! I’m finished I’m gone,Everything I cherished has forgone;No one is left to love me anymore,I’m left with no option but to be no more……….. This is how a person committing suicide fills up his food for thought. His complete mindfulness resides in the emptiness of his life. He […]

Future in Eco-Friendly Construction | Civil Engineering

Because of the concerns raised by various environmentalists, the concept of green building construction has become immensely popular and has attracted a lot of attention. Furthermore, the meteoric rise in the population and demands have made it necessary that we address the issue of resourcefulness and sustainability sooner. There is a great scope in eco-friendly […]

Predictive Analytics

Earlier when technology and business processes weren’t two sides of the same coin, organizations had no choice except for conducting all sales and marketing operations through their gut instinct.And then boom!Predictive Analytics appeared as a blessing in disguise for such organizations. Predictive Analytics uses data, statistical algorithms and other similar functions to predict future events […]

Future of Work: Skills You Need Now to Land the Jobs of the Future

Artificial intelligence, digital platforms and other innovations are rapidly transforming the basic nature and scope of work. These changes also raise questions about the broader impact of new technologies on jobs, skills, wages and the nature of work itself. With the transformation of nature of work, students and job aspirants need to learn the skills […]