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MBA: Scope & Career Opportunities

Graduates from different disciplines believe that having an MBA degree is the next logical step in their career progression. Irrespective of the area of study, graduates from different domains believe acquiring an MBA can help achieve them achieve their professional goals. However, given the time and money investment, some people may ask if it’s worth […]

Learning and Talent Mobility

“Change is the most deliberate veracity of this transforming age.” Each and every sector of this professional era is showing a prominent shift in their nature and workflow depending upon the need of the hour. As the needle of the clock is swinging, the workplace of this digital world is also changing its phases.   […]

Predictive Analytics

Earlier when technology and business processes weren’t two sides of the same coin, organizations had no choice except for conducting all sales and marketing operations through their gut instinct.And then boom!Predictive Analytics appeared as a blessing in disguise for such organizations. Predictive Analytics uses data, statistical algorithms and other similar functions to predict future events […]