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The Power of Positive Belief

We all wonder as to why all the people behave differently and hold diversified perspectives over any issue.

The difference is actually of opinions and beliefs people hold in their lives.

So, if one aspires to unveil the positivity in his life, he needs to work on his foundation.

For instance, a doctor can’t prescribe the medicine until he knows the history of the patient. Similarly one needs to dig deep and view the kind of beliefs he has been carrying throughout his life.

How are beliefs formed???

The formation of beliefs springs up in childhood only and gets fostered gradually. Stimulus-Response theory fits best here.

Ivan Pavlov shows how stimulus can evoke a consistent response when the same situation is repeated.

That is why parenting plays a crucial role in building the character, behavior and personality of a child. Nevertheless, if one has undergone some nasty experiences in childhood, can surely alter them and make his life worth living by his strong willpower.

People are different and so are the beliefs……..

This world abounds with different people, some of them are highly positive and find something good in everything and their company is cherished by people around.

As an antithesis, there are people who are accustomed to find faults; such people bring in dissonance and their company is never sought after.


This beautiful anecdote in this context:

In a village, there was a group of some people who used to complain and grumble over one or the other thing. They never felt thankfulness for what God gave them. As a result, they were always unhappy with all they had.

One day they paid a visit to a wise man of the village and shared their complaints with him. They continued it for some regular days.

One day, that wise man decided to share a joke with them and the first day they all laughed hysterically on his joke.

On the second day, he told the same joke and people laughed a little. He continued it the coming days and everyone stopped laughing. Rather they got irritated.

Then, the wise man told that if we stretch something more than required it starts paining.

Similarly, if we count the negative things too much it supersedes the positivity and devastates the charm of life”.

So, let’s develop positive beliefs in us……..

Our biggest opponent on this earth is the cluster of fears which pulls us back and impairs our intellectuality and decision making power.

So, if we are willing to make a difference in our life, we need to come out of the shell of fears and confront them boldly.

Daniel Defoe “The fear of danger is 10,000 times terrifying than the danger itself.”

Once the fears get vanished, we realize the power of self and positivity prevails around. Positive beliefs give us tremendous power to combat any challenge.

I am reminded of the beautiful statement from Kung fu Panda “Secret ingredient is nothing, to make something special, you just have to believe it special.”


Written by:

Ms. Monika Khurana
Astt. Prof. – Communication & Soft Skills
Department of Humanities & Social Sciences
KIET Group of Institutions

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