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Wings of Hope

The souls are dim..the conversations unheard
The silence is deafening..the zeal is clutched
The paths are barren..the travellers adrift
The laughter is denounced..the heartbeat hushed
The values are revamped..the beliefs are a quest
The lessons are learnt..the priorities upend

But we shall overcome

The perseverance will upsurge..the grit triumphed
The sabbatical will climax..the celebrations upfront
The divinity will rise..the faith restored
The blessings will float..the warmth procured
The sun will litup..the souls refreshed
The air will be lyrical..the smiles afresh

Yes we will overcome



Written by-

Ms. Samiksha Tewari
Astt. Prof.- Comm. & Soft Skills
Department of Humanities & Social Sciences

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