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New Paradigm in Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is responsible for advancements in healthcare, including faster diagnoses, improved therapies, and better equipment. The way diseases are detected and treated has changed dramatically because of biological advancements. Bioengineering has influenced health care in a variety of ways, from the artificial heart to the artificial hip, and from decoding the exact genetic code to monitoring brain electrical activity. With so many more breakthroughs on the way, the day will come when every disease will be cured, and every impairment will be manageable.

The concept of design and application of engineering sciences to biological sciences has transformed our understanding of science and led to the creation of a new area of study known as “Biomedical Engineering.” Through the integration of engineering concepts with biomedical sciences and clinical practice, this discipline attempts to improve human health care.

BMEs design and build novel equipment such as prosthetic limbs and organs, imaging-related gear, and improve procedures such as genetic testing, medicine production, and drug administration, among other things, ultimately improving patient care.

– Dr. Shubham Shukla
Assistant Professor –ECE Department
In- Charge: COE Biomedical Instrumentation Research
(In collaboration with MBS India Pvt.LTD
KIET Group of Institutions

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