Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Educational qualifications play a very important role in one’s life for gaining success. Of course, technical skills matter a lot, but a candidate with higher academic qualification will be given preference. While pursuing a higher degree, we will be exposed to the applications of engineering in day-to-day life a little more. Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering   started its post graduate program in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in the year 2007. The program’s objectives are to educate students in mathematical, scientific, electrical and electronics engineering concepts necessary to formulate, analyze and solve engineering problems faced by society and to inculcate the ability among the students to explore and learn by themselves, the changes taking place continuously in the field of engineering and technology as part of a lifelong learning process.

The PG students have excellent guidance facility with large number of Ph.D holder faculty members. Also the faculty members are involved in industrial research and consultancy work which benefits the students in their dissertations. These are some salient points-

1) Software like MATLAB 2016a, PSCAD PSPICE, PSIM, LABVIEW, Digsilent.

2) R&D Boards like d – space 1104 and OPAL – RT.

3) Digital signal processor like TMS 320F2812, 2407 & 28883.

4) Hard ware simulator like 3 phase and 5 phase IPM Wind simulator, Solar PV Simulator.