Ms. Surbhi Vijh

Ms. Surbhi Vijh

Assistant Professor
Department of Information Technology
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Emp. Code :- 20973

Image Processing , Machine Learning,

  • Prof Surbhi Vijh (2019-20 ). Hybrid bio-inspired algorithm and convolutional neural network for automatic lung tumor detection. Neural Computing and Applications, Springer. ISSN:0941-0643
  • Prof. Surbhi Vijh (2019-20). An intelligent lung tumor diagnosis system using whale optimization algorithm and support vector machine. International journal of system assurance , engineering and management. ISSN:0976-4348
  • Dr. Sanjiv Sharma, Ms.Surbhi Vijh (12.02.2021). IOT Integrated fire monitoring and alerting system. Indian Patent Office. Application Number:202011056835A