Mr. Naveen Chauhan

Mr. Naveen Chauhan

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
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Emp. Code :- 20930

 B.Tech.,M.Tech., Ph.D(P)     


  • KANIKA GARG; NAVEEN CHAUHAN; RAJEEV AGARWAL (2021-22). Optimized Resource Allocation for Fog Network using Neuro-fuzzy Offloading Approach. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering. ISSN:2191-4281
  • Naveen Chauhan; Rajeev Agrawal (2021-22). Probabilistic Optimized Kernel Naive Bayesian Cloud Resource Allocation System. Wireless Personal Communications. ISSN:1572-834X
  • Naveen Chauhan. Redundant Iaas Cloud Selection With Consideration Of Multi Criteria Decision Analysis. International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Data Science (ICCIDS 2019). ISBN:1877 0509
  • Ashish Bajpai, Dr. Manish Bhardwaj, Naveen Chauhan, Dilkeshwar Pandey, Gaurav Parashar, Neha Yadav, Dr. Arun Kumar Tripathi (1900-01-00). A system for detecting misconceptions and network-based attacks in network traffic. German Patent and Trademark Office. Application Number:20 2022 100 122.7
  • Mr. Naveen Chauhan,Mr. Zatin Gupta (2022-04-22). CONTAINER-BASED VIRTUALIZATION FRAMEWORK FOR GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEM. Indian Patent Office. Application Number:202211022498 A