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27 November 2019

Day 1

•Inaugural ceremony with the introduction of all the events.
•Introduction of the organisers and jury members.
•All the Innompics teams will be introduced with their design thinking.
•Innompic theatre session.

28 November 2019

Day 2

•Presentation of the mega innovation with the Innoball event of 2 rounds.
•Finalists and the final challenges will be announced.
•The day ends with the Innompic Anthem.

29 November 2019

Day 3

•Organisers and chief guests will be introduced.
•Final team's presentation.
•Individual awards will be announced.
•Innompic theatre with the Startup 'Romeo and Juliet ' will be organised.
•Teams, groups or individuals will give their performances.

30 November 2019

Day 4

•Award Giving Ceremony.