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Epoque: The Intra-Institute Fest - Epoque is the institutional fest of KIET Group of Institutions where zest of the students is portrayed with a zing of creativity, a hint of Jazz and a lot of sparkle of the energy of the students. The 25+ years of excellence of KIET Group of Institutions makes this event an extravaganza that promises not just to entertain, but to inspire, connect, and ignite a passion for our culture in the heart of our global family.

Prastuti: The Inter-Institute Fest - Here comes our Intercollege fest welcomes the student fraternity to participate in various events and feel the vibrance of KIET Group of Institutions. It is one of the biggest fests of North India that witnesses the participation of students from diverse colleges across the nation. This fest is not just an event, but a journey to witness spellbinding performances and a tribute to the boundless creativity of student spirit. We embark on a cultural odyssey like no other.

Together these two make EPOQUE@Prastuti-2024 - Let the fever go high and high. It is a fest where memories will be made that will be cherished forever, a platform that unites the student fraternity across the nation, so step into a realm where every hue tells a tale and every rhythm calls for celebration.

Major Attraction
Star night
- We know what you want and here we are with a dazzling star night wherein there will be music, vibe, lights and the colours of excitement.
DJ Night- For all those who want to tap their feet without getting on stage. Be ready with your dancing partners for the high-octane dose of DJ night where you gonna hit your feet to the ground but only to cavort.

Hey you, the wait is finally over--
Mark your calendars and gear up for an indelible experience from 11th-13th April 2024.

KIET Group of Institutions is officially open now for welcoming the show wizards of the student fraternity across the nation to prove their mettle.
What’s best than putting forth a great show and winning attractive prizes for that?
If this tickles your mind and makes you go gala, come, register, and perform and the glory is yours.


Intra-Institute Level

Faculty Coordinator:
Dr. Prarthana Srivastava, AS-2 (9456680456)

Student Coordinators:
Ajay Shukla, MBA (8081664755)
Kulkamal Singh, MCA (8931918656)

Guidelines and Rules & Regulations

Intra-Department Level

Faculty Coordinator:
Dr. Abhas Kanungo, ECE (9996437384)

Student Coordinators:
Govind Giri, MBA (6395199338)
Om Singhal, MCA (7452929165)

Guidelines and Rules & Regulations

Inter-Institute Level

Faculty Coordinators:
Dr. Rochak Bajpai (+91-8745877459)

Student Coordinators:
Mr. Abhigyan Tomar (+91-9368695612)
Ms. Sukriti (+91-9142014417)

Guidelines and Rules & Regulations


Faculty Coordinator:
Dr. Neha Bhadauria, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Department (9811523618)
Mr. Ashok Kumar, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Department (9897750215)

Student Coordinators:
Pawan Maurya (8318391977)
Abhay Chauhan (6393848965)


Event Schedule


Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee

Faculty Apex & Student Apex

Faculty Apex & Student Apex Coordinators



For any sponsorship-related query, kindly contact -
Dr. Preeti Chitkara +91-9837524994
Co-convenor (Inter-Institute Cultural Fest) and Head PR & International Relations

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