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Transforming AI and Machine Learning: The Crucial Role of Linear Algebra

Both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Quantum Computing (QC) heavily rely on Linear Algebra as their primary calculation tool. Linear algebra finds numerous applications across scientific, engineering, and computing disciplines. The following diagram illustrates the relationships between various topics of Linear Algebra for AI and Quantum Computing. This article discusses the first four topics (Vectors, Matrices, […]

Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

To embark on your entrepreneurial journey, individuals need to keep some essential points in mind. Below are some important guidelines that can help them achieve success in their pursuit and contribute positively to the nation’s development. Find ideas for profitable start-ups. Choose a growing category (or categories) and concentrate on it. satiate an unmet need. […]

Quantum Machine Learning

Quantum Machine Learning: A Next Step

Read this article to learn how differentiable programming bridges the gap between classical and quantum machines for the sake of machine learning. The method relies on the fact that the gradient of a quantum circuit can be calculated with regard to the operational parameters. A quantum circuit can function as a node (a QNode) in […]