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Understanding Industry 4.0 & 5.0 better

With the advent of computers and then their subsequent infiltration into every aspect of our lives, with the latest being the ease with which many terabytes of data/information can be stored & accessed remotely and communicated to the world within minutes. We are living in a world where our devices, appliances, & machines have the […]

New Paradigm in Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is responsible for advancements in healthcare, including faster diagnoses, improved therapies, and better equipment. The way diseases are detected and treated has changed dramatically because of biological advancements. Bioengineering has influenced health care in a variety of ways, from the artificial heart to the artificial hip, and from decoding the exact genetic code […]

automotive technology

Changing faces of automotive technology and future Engineers

Time changes everything, whether it is human lifestyle or technology. At present we are living in an era of Industry 4.0 and progressing towards Industry 5.0 where we are dealing with technologies like automation, robotics, Internet of Things, machine learning, artificial Intelligence etc. I remember the era till early 90s, in which the motor vehicles […]


Climate Change is one of the most serious threats to society of humans and can be said, ironically, it is a threat that humans have created on their own. The concentration of Greenhouse gases globally, has increased since 1750 whose main contributor is carbon dioxide (CO2) which by volume has increased predominantly. The term Carbon […]

The Undying Spirit of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at KIET: It’s Alumni Network

Many such queries puzzle students when they want to decide a career that best suits their dreams and aspirations for a bright future.  Nowadays students have plenty of career options to choose from depending on their interests and skills. But insecurities and vulnerabilities of their mind regarding their choice hinder their decision and hamper their […]

Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering- Complete Career Guide

Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering- Complete Career Guide

Introduction: Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering B. Tech or B.E in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering is an undergraduate course offered by various engineering colleges in India. As apparent by its name- it is a coalescence of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering largely deals with the principle and operation of measuring instruments which are […]