The Breeze of Change

“Suicide doesn’t end the chances of life getting worse, it eliminates the possibility of it ever getting any better”.

Article VII; Series: ‘We are Here

Yes, I still remember that cold night; the breeze that gently touched my face asking me to step back. Yes, I still remember the salinity of those ear drops pouring down my cheeks, asking me not to listen to that breeze and have a leap of faith. Maybe, it was that moment when I took the decision of my life and stepped back from the edge of the Parapet. I was standing on the ninth floor of my hostel building.

I had mixed feelings of sorrow, guilt and unrest but that breeze of wind lighted a spark and told me to hold those emotions for the moment for when I turned the two worlds upside down.

Let’s traipse back to my story and then I’ll tell you who I am!

The story started on 30th May 2007, everyone was happy, my father was vainglorious, my Mother was busy distributing the Laddus to the neighbors and boasting about my 95.3% in 10th grade. Back then, there weren’t CGPA’s but the old indelicate percentage markings. On that day, my father announced to me and others about my admission to the Bansal Classes, Kota, asking me to prepare for the tussle. I was the forced wannabe engineer, unlike my elder brother. Maybe I should have sat down and strategized for the endeavor but maybe I was too dithery and told my father that I was ready.

For two consecutive year, I slept for no more than 5 hours a day. I ate the crappy and crummy mess food, read, solved, prepared, failed then read, asked, sometimes cheated, solved and this vicious circle was always there. I met my family twice a year. I wasn’t depressed at the starting. The motivated storm brought the thunder and fury to fight again and again. I didn’t notice the roar of that thunder was fading with each failed attempt. I saw people doing drugs, taking medications for fighting it but I was disciplined and brave enough to fight it alone.

But now, it was the Ragnarök, 12th April 2009. I prepared a lot but was unsure. My parents weren’t there like others, but I called them just 20 minutes before entering the exam center and jotted the courage. It was the IIT mains exam — yeah the easy one. I tried to do as much as I can. I was confused but determined. I used every second of that 3 hours exam time. The exam was over, I left the exam center; I was calm but just as I reached my hostel back, the calm changed to pang. The Bansal class’s IIT mains answer key was released within an hour after the exam. I ran towards my dorm hiding my question paper. I avouched my answers with the answer key. I came up with the score of +39. The cut-off for even the OBC students would have been 70 or above. I knew I had lost the battle but this time there wasn’t any motivation to stand up again and there was nothing to fight with. It was like all over in just a moment. That day I cried for about 4-5 hours, I didn’t pick up any call, I locked myself. I decided not to wait for the trumpet of result to announce my failure. At the night, I decided to quit and was standing on the 9th floor with my right leg forward on the edge of the building, ready to suicide.

Hello IITians, I am one of those millions who fail every year. I am the loser, I am that private college boy, I am the crowd. But let me explain to you who am I and how I am unique. I am the 30 under 30 in the 2019 Forbes list. I have 17 patents under my name, 9 research papers, I worked in the DRDO. My company works with RAW. My company made 14 billion in the third quarter. I am the same boy who was confused and was on the verge of ending my life. But what brought the change. That cold breeze told me the lesson of my life. The consistency, the calmness, the subtlety and the modest nature of that breeze, its never-ending will, its soft but rigid determination to flow in the direction of choice , to overcome any obstacle not by breaking like that furious storm but by overcoming and passing it with sheer stubbornness asked me to take a long breath and stand up again and here —I am, the failed wannabe IITian for whom your IITs plea to work with.

To all those losers like me standing on those rooftops, parapets and edges, the ones — fallen on the ground, the ones — waiting for a helping hand, STAND UP, RISE

“Suicide doesn’t end the chances of life getting worse, it eliminates the possibility of it ever getting any better”. So, stand up, calm that storm of confusion, jealousy, competition, unrest and be the breeze of change.

Thoughts penned by:

Siddhant Siwach | KIET Student


“The hardest thing for many people is to recognize that ‘adversity is a part of success’.”

Article VI; Series: ‘We are Here

Oh !  Alas!

Nothing is left, All finished,

My family, my society! No one will ever accept me. I am the culprit, committed the most sinful act, and can’t bear the pain anymore. No one needs me. I should better die; I am left with no other option.

The turbulence of such thoughts was going in my mind when I was a few seconds away from ending my life. Suddenly I halted & broke the chain of negative thoughts and asked:

“Do I really not have any better option?

What if I finish myself?”

I may finish my pain, my suffering, but will ultimately put my family into everlasting pain by opting for this silly act.

I understood that loneliness, fear, guilt, anger all these are creations of my mind. I can overcome these very easily. These are nothing but just illusions. When the mind is trapped in the past, it hurts. So, can I change the past?


Can I change my future?

I received the loud answer “Yes”.

Hence, I decided not to quit and realized that whenever I focus on pain, it keeps increasing my suffering and I forget to feel the profoundness of life.

I was feeling regretful and to overcome self-guilt I decided to transform and heal my own thoughts to see the bigger picture of life.

Today when I look back the thing that comes to my mind is if I would have finished my life, I could have never experienced the pleasure of being valued at my workplace and in the society. Today I have become the hero of my family and this is the most beautiful compliment I have ever received. This could only happen because I chose Freedom not Fear long back. As fear could have crushed me and turned me into ashes, whereas freedom made me dream as high as I can imagine.

Today I feel blessed that I could overcome the adversity in my life. Adversity comes in everyone’s life in the most unexpected ways and dealing with adversity requires a certain mindset comprising of:

  • No amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of anxiety can change the future
  • Nothing is permanent
  • What is over is over

The hardest thing for many people is to recognize that ‘adversity is a part of success’.

I would like to end with this message.

“Destiny always has miracles in store, so do not let someone’s harsh words pull you down. Live Laugh and prove them wrong.”

Thoughts penned by-
Ms. Vinita Yadav
Astt. Prof.- Communication & Soft Skills
Dept. of Humanities & Social Sciences

Flawed outlook on Suicide

“The only way that can help in stopping people from killing themselves is by diffusing the right knowledge about the subject into the masses. When people understand what it actually is, then only they can offer a helping hand in the right manner.”

Article V; Series: ‘We are Here

(The purpose of the series ‘We are Here’ is to help those who are suffering or have suffered from depression, mental health problems, suicidal thoughts or suicide attempts. It is also designed for concerned friends and family members who might be worried that someone they love will experience death by suicide. The students are also sharing their views on sensitive and crucial subject-Suicide. Today, one of our students, Archit Rastogi of IT(IV year) has shared his personal views.)

Many people see suicide as something only done by cowards. I still remember this night, when I was talking about it to a friend, and he said that he hates people who commit suicide because he feels that they simply lack the strength to face life; that it just passes the pain to someone else. It’s like running away from the battle and quitting should never be an option according to him. He was right, but somewhere his way of looking at suicide was not helpful to anyone.

Even with so much awareness today, people are not clear about the very notion of suicide itself. Why some people do it? What makes them jump off buildings or cut themselves? Everyone just believes in blaming and judging the individual, pointing out flaws in the system. Does it makes things better?— ‘No’, it doesn’t. It only creates a stigma about the subject and spreads misinformation.

Suicides are increasing throughout the world. There can be several reasons for it but the primary reasons are people feel far more lonely and unloved today in this so-called connected world. A person who thinks of committing suicide feels that it is the only way of getting away with the heavy void in his chest, like a black hole swirling in his heart. The thing is nobody really wants to be dead. They just want their pain to end but they don’t know how to do it.

The idea of suicide was scary to me when I first thought of it, but slowly and gradually, I understood it was nothing when compared to the ghosts of loneliness, crippling anxiety, and depression that endanger the very spirit of a person. What really is heartbreaking that some people find it easier to kill themselves than to take help because they don’t want to be a burden on anyone. This shows how difficult it is to take help because of stigmatization.

The only way that can help in stopping people from killing themselves is by diffusing the right knowledge about the subject into the masses. When people understand what it actually is, then only they can offer a helping hand in the right manner. Any carelessness can slip a life away and hence, utmost care should be taken while dealing with a suicidal person. Proper psychological help from a doctor should be taken before things go out of hands along with constant support from family and friends. It should not be seen as a favor helping someone with suicidal thoughts rather, when one comes across anyone who is feeling this way, extending a helping hand becomes a duty. It is only the love and care that can help in bringing a person back to the surface struggling in his sea of depression. Even simple presence, normal gestures, and acknowledgments, providing an understanding ear can largely help people struggling within.

Remember, people with suicidal tendencies just forget how to love themselves and deal with their negative thoughts. The only challenge is to help them fill their bowl with love again, reminding them of their empty bowl will exaggerate things. 

Written by:
Archit Rastogi
IT IV year

I am or I am not

Shadows of darkness, doubt, fear, anxiety cover me like a blanket. I am a woman who is always expected to be strong. Has anyone thought even I can shatter? — ’NO’ a blunt no was the answer.

Article IV; Series: ‘We are Here

Shadows of darkness, doubt, fear, anxiety cover me like a blanket. I am a woman who is always expected to be strong. Has anyone thought even I can shatter? — ’NO’ a blunt no was the answer.

To go on or to quit, I had this question when tolerating external and internal turmoil had become routine. Thoughts of ending this pain came fluttering in my mind and it seemed I was all alone, no one to talk to, no shoulder to cry on; it was flick of a moment when I chose to end; end it all.

These were the thoughts of a woman named Smriti who was 7 months pregnant and was not happy because it was an accidental pregnancy.

Smriti was brought up in a very healthy environment with no discrimination, complete independence but now after marriage, she had been living a life controlled by others made her slip into depression (mental illness).

Day by day – minute by minute she would compare her present life with what it was in the past and this web of thoughts surrounded her and pushed her more into taking disastrous steps.

And why not, her negativity in the mind was justified as she was a modern, independent woman and suddenly one day when she conceived everyone near her shifted their focus from her to the child, she became least important. She was worried about the changes that were happening in her and will happen to her post-pregnancy; her friends in the office would nag her for getting pregnant at such a tender age and at this peak point of her career.

That day she took an early off to sit in isolation and decide what should she do; killing the child or kill herself was the dilemma she was going through and thus, she came back home with a pack of sleeping pills in her purse.

In this dilemma, she slept and in her dream, she saw an old lady whom she wasn’t able to recognize first but after striving hard she became numb as it was her mother standing just before her.

The mother said, “I was very beautiful and talk of the town in my days and when I conceived you I was just 21”. “Do you think I TOOK THE RIGHT DECISION AT THAT TIME.”

While Smriti was thinking of answering her suddenly she got out of her slumber; her maid was trying to wake her up so that she could have juice as it was her Juice time. While having juice someone rang the doorbell and to her surprise, it was her husband who had come home just to see if she was fine as she had come early that day.

Husband asked her “Is everything fine with you honey; why did you come early today”. “I was a little concerned so I also came early; Let’s go out tonight as it has been a long time we haven’t had our time.”

Feeling happy about it, Smriti went to get ready but that dream was still fresh in her eyes which she discussed with her husband in the car.

Her husband who was a wise man sighed and kissed her on her forehead.

The husband said- Smriti, you know you are the priceless possession that I have and our kid is an addition to the treasure that we have. For me, our kid will be a reflection of both of us and not an individual entity. Our kid is not an accident rather an expression of our love and with the kid, my love for you would increase.

Smriti wasn’t able to control her tears while listening to the thoughts of her husband.

She was being thankful to the dream which saved her and her child from the sting of her own made negative thoughts; by this time she had understood that every age has its charm, every gender has its own responsibilities to be fulfilled, being modern doesn’t mean to lose the essence of a woman i.e., motherhood.

She opened the window of the car and breathed deeply while singing the song  “ The Silver moon is rising on a quiet gloomy ocean”.

For every Smriti, the following must be taken care of-

  • Don’t be a victim of your own created negative sermons
  • Accept the changes of life confidently and gracefully
  • Take time to think before you act
  • Always discuss your problems with someone
  • Your value system will always help you make the right decision (that dream was the brain’s reaction to the negative thoughts).
  • Always listen to the stressed person and try to comfort him/her.

The Story created by:
Himanshu Saxena
Astt. Prof. – Communication & Soft Skills
Deptt. Of Humanities & Social Sciences

Caution: Fasten your seat belts; you are now on a roller coaster ride called LIFE…

Article III; Series: ‘We are Here

( Yesterday you read one aspect of this beautiful life wherein it was seen that self-acceptance is vital. Today, I am sharing the other aspect of this life wherein you will see faith, determination, and conviction in God’s plan make everything possible. Struggle is just a part of life; life is way broad than what we think it is.)

“Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” – Phil Donahue

The story of ‘HER’ life begins… 

This is a true story about a young and vibrant girl who was loved immensely by her father; however, equally loathed by her mother.

Her name was Ramya (name changed). Ramya’s mother didn’t leave any stone unturned to make Ramya feel miserable. She used to make her little girl feel bad about her gender. The mother showered her boys with all the love so much that she had none left for her darling daughter.

This little girl was bright and did fairly well in her school but that didn’t matter to the mother since the mother only wanted the daughter to do domestic chores and run errands. 

First setback… 

Her life took a sad turn when her father passed away, she was just 15. He was her only support. She became hopeless and was in complete despair. 

She managed to balance her school and home until 12th class. 

When in college, she fell in love with a boy who took good care of her and loved her deeply. They were in a beautiful relationship. At last, she seemed content with her life; after all, she was given love and attention which were completely missing at her home. 

Another setback… 

Everything was going fine in her relationship until one day when the guy told her that he has decided to marry a girl of his family’s choice. He didn’t even take a stand for her. She felt that he had taken advantage of her and dumped her like a piece of trash. 

This episode broke her in ways that were inexplicable. This was a big blow for her self-confidence and self-esteem. 

She started becoming depressed, anxious and gradually developed a skin condition called Psoriasis. 

Her life continued to be a vicious downward spiral which she couldn’t seem to get out of. 

In due course of time, she became so depressed that she started to think about ending her life. 

One day Ramya’s best friend – Anusha (name changed) , invited her over to spend some time with her to make Ramya feel better. That night Ramya stayed over at Anusha’s place. Both of them spoke for a long time before hitting the sack at around 3 am. 

Ramya, however, couldn’t fall asleep. She, therefore, stepped out quietly and went to the other room. Rummaging through her bag, she found a little pouch which she had been carrying for a few days now. 

This was the right time she thought. She emptied the contents of the pouch and consumed them all in one go. 

‘HER’ Saviour… 

After sometime Anusha woke up and found Ramya missing. She stepped out to locate Ramya and was shocked to see Ramya in an unconscious state, lying on the floor with froth coming out of her mouth.

She quickly called up the hospital and got her admitted. It took a while for Ramya to recuperate and feel better. However, psychologically she was still weak. 

Anusha desperately wanted to help her best friend. She, therefore, fixed Ramya’s appointment with a well-known psychologist. 

After a few sessions, Ramya began to feel more relaxed and more in control of her life. 

After she had completely recovered, her mother decided to get her married off. 

Someone from Ramya’s distant family gave a reference of a boy who was of marriageable age and had a decent job too. He along with his family went to meet Ramya and her family. He was happy to meet her and the families seemed to agree too. However, no one from Ramya’s family disclosed her illness. 

The next day Ramya decided to call up the guy to tell him about her skin condition. She told him that she suffers from psoriasis because of which her skin appears fine for a few days and then becomes flakey and dry. 

He appreciated her honesty and decided to marry her for the strength of her character. 

Happy Ending… 

Ramya has now been married for over 4 years and has recently been blessed with a baby girl. 

She is at a blissful juncture in her life. She feels all that she went through made her a stronger person. Ramya now works as an Assistant Professor in a Government college. Her husband genuinely cares for her and she is living a life that she had never dreamt of! 

At the moment, she regrets the day she decided to commit suicide. 

She has a completely different take on life now. She is full of hope and positivity and looks forward to spending her life with her husband and daughter. 

Takeaways from Ramya’s poignant story:

* Life isn’t always easy or fair 

*Avoid trusting strangers blindly.  

*Being emotionally dependent on just one person might not be such a good idea.

*Try not to lose hope when in despair 

*Allow people to help. If you feel helpless and hopeless, don’t think twice before contacting a professional. 

Anecdote mouthed by Ramya (name changed) and given words by-

Ms. Sudesh Pathania
Astt. Prof.- Communication &Soft Skills
Deptt. of Humanities & Social Sciences

“The soul that breathes TOO”

Article II; Series: ‘We are Here

(Earlier in the series, you all read — “how a person committing suicide fills up his food for thought? His complete mindfulness resides in the emptiness of his life?” Today, I am sharing with you a real story of a warrior. Life was a bit harsh on him till the time he didn’t accept himself the way he was. He was lost, he was confused, he was bullied but the day he found the ‘he’ in him was the day he came out as the winner.)

And we must also understand that he is.-

“The soul that breathes TOO”

“Is the world so or am I the only FOE” – a question, just a mere question but it clearly engraves my journey.
Who am I? THE ANSWER IS — “just a soul”. And here I am to mouth for myself. The budding age span of my life, the tender window of my personality was the cradle that comforted my true identity, just in time to make me realize that “THINGS ARE DIFFERENT”.
The world was my oyster and I wanted to explore it all.. But wait.. oh! why did it always seem different?… The dawn was shallow and the dusk was inkier.
When I was younger I used to cross dress. I never knew why but for me it was enthralling. It never went down well with the WORLD. Not even a single one in this Whole Wide World. They questioned me outright. Mocked me ruthlessly, tore me into pieces and when they couldn’t fix me tight and upright, they asked me to cease.
I was devastated to the core. The antics applied on me by the people were obnoxious and inhuman to the extent that it conditioned my mind to the limit that even if someone celebrated and cheered ‘YAY’, I contexted it as GAY..I could not comprehend the ray of contentment at the end of the tunnel. Searching for an avenue to breathe and feel free seemed like a mirage.
Years passed by and I could not accept myself. I was questioning my existence every moment. And why not. What does this world expects from a 13 year old quintessence. A storm was brewing inside me and the cacophony of its deafening silence was hard to bear.
The phoenix in me wanted to rise leaving behind the remembrance of agony. But how? The soreness of my wounds, the tears of my crucifixion, and the merciless sabotage of my loved ones were concocting a venom so potent/strong that it was inconceivable for me to gather my ashes. “So I decided to end it all” — the suffering, the pain, the tears, the prayers and the conflict.
But as we say the divine power always has the scheme of life chalked out for us. The chaotic clouds of skepticism were unfastened by the solicitous touch of compassion. And here I was… having someone — someone who understood, someone who comprehended, someone who comforted, someone who did not “JUDGE”.
The day I perceived the true value of acknowledgement, it felt as if someone has lifted a ton of weight off my chest. It entrusted my faith in myself. It made me realize that when you start loving yourself the world around will be mesmeric. It will definitely fabricate a life for you that is treasured.
Something in me changed and it definitely changed the essence of my presence, wherein I realized I don’t have to be a mimesis. I wasn’t ready for the accusations and the repercussions up close and personal but a voice in me commanded ME to be ME. TO FEEL WHAT I AM. TO BREATHE WHAT I HAVE and eventually, SALVATION was conferred.
So here I am trying to be someone’s someone so that this vicious cycle should not gulp any other rainbow anymore.
Now I am at a stage in my life, where I AM OUT AND PROUD. I CELEBRATE MYSELF.

(The monologue is based on a true story. Today, this person is working in an MNC and is also an activist)

Thoughts penned by—
Ms. Samiksha Tewari
Astt. Prof.- Communication & Soft Skills
Deptt. Of Humanities & Social Sciences

Journey from “no more” to “where the mind is without fear”

Article I; Series: ‘We are Here

Alas! I’m finished I’m gone,
Everything I cherished has forgone;
No one is left to love me anymore,
I’m left with no option but to be no more………..

This is how a person committing suicide fills up his food for thought. His complete mindfulness resides in the emptiness of his life. He thinks himself to be no more useful to anyone and is completely depressed in life. He is completely shattered and devastated consequential to nothing but ending his life.

 Close to 8, 00,000 people die due to suicide every year worldwide* as they are doomed because they forget that:

  • Life is beautiful
  • One must live life in such a way that life itself has a crush on him/her.
  • Failure is not the opposite of success but a part of it
  • We fall, we break, we fail but we rise, we heal, we overcome
  • Challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-29 year-olds* but keep in mind, if life were predictable it would cease to be life and it would be without flavor.

Life fails to be perfect but never fails to be beautiful………

79% of global suicides occur in low- and middle-income countries* but there are survivors who have admitted that suicide was not the right way; listing of suicide survivors is abundant:

Walt Disney

At 31, the famous Mickey Mouse creator felt overwhelmed by life and attempted suicide via a combination of drugs and alcohol. He, very fortunately, survived the near catastrophe and continued developing Disney into the modern marvel it is today.

Owen Wilson

The star Owen Wilson who we all know on screen as a man full of life actually suffered for years with drug addiction and depression. In 2007, he nearly lost his life after attempting suicide by cutting his wrists. His family was not especially surprised at the near loss, as they had attempted to help him cope with his issues for years. However, the “Zoolander” star recovered with grace after the incident and continues to work in the film industry.

Princess Diana of Wales

Princess Diana was allegedly way more stressed out by Prince Charles than we would ever lead to believe before. She told an interviewer that she once attempted suicide by throwing herself off a flight of stairs while pregnant with baby William due to how distraught she was by Prince Charles’ treatment of her.

Mike Tyson

Now a famed promoter himself, the once thug became a heavyweight champion who struggled with drugs in the aftermath of his boxing career. He blames his promoter for manipulating and using him for money, leading to his suicide attempt at the low of his life. As a promoter, he now uses his low point to strengthen his own goals and promises to not repeat his promoter’s abuse.


Oprah suffered near-tragedy long before her success as a billionaire caretaker of America when she attempted suicide after a long struggle as a victim of abuse. At 14, she consumed bleach after becoming pregnant.


When these survivors could make their lives miraculous; our youth which is exuberant and educated like never before; Can’t they be revolutionary, reshaped and be soaked in healthy roots?

Can’t we be the initiators in bringing change in people’ lives  ?

WHO recognizes suicide as a “public health priority.”  and that is why on World Suicide Prevention Day i.e. September 10th, 2019, WHO in collaboration with global partners, has launched the 40 seconds of action campaign  to raise awareness of suicide around the world and methods of prevention. Campaign efforts will continue throughout till 10th October on World Mental health Day, with suicide prevention as this year’s theme.

Above all the chaotic clouds of melancholy and malevolence, I have a strong conviction that if the sufferers are treated with right and empathetic care, support, benevolence, love and mindfulness they can come out of this traumatic mental state. A  healthy and positive mental attitude can resolve the devastating dilemma that is ruining a section of the society that should rather be treasured.

Rabindra Nath Tagore once dreamt of the country that would be without fear

He wrote:

“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high;
Where knowledge is free;
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls;
Where words come out from the depth of truth;
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection;
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit;
Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever-widening thought and action
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.”

The dream of such a country can be realized if one of the deadly reasons of death is removed from the country………….

I would modestly urge everyone to kindly extend their cooperation in making our country a” suicide free zone.”, where the mind is without fear.

And remember

“We are here”

* According to UN news, WHO’s key facts about suicide


Dr. Meetu Kumar
(Astt. Prof.- Communication & Soft Skills)
Department of Humanities & Social Sciences

Future in Eco-Friendly Construction | Civil Engineering

Because of the concerns raised by various environmentalists, the concept of green building construction has become immensely popular and has attracted a lot of attention. Furthermore, the meteoric rise in the population and demands have made it necessary that we address the issue of resourcefulness and sustainability sooner.

There is a great scope in eco-friendly and sustainable construction for civil engineering students.

We talked to Ms. Shriti Pandey, one of our KIET Alumni and founder of Strawcture Eco, to understand her journey from an engineering student to an entrepreneur.


  • How do you define Strawcture Eco? We would also like to know your achievements.

Ms. Shriti Pandey:- “Strawcture Eco is a green construction company. It was registered as a private limited company in January 2018. The vision of the company is to make housing more accessible, affordable and sustainable for all. Strawcture Eco is the first company to achieve Social Impact Challenge Award in the United Nations in New York last year. We also were the runner up of UP start-up conclave. We are incubated by NITI Aayog, IIM Bangalore and are in partnership with TATA steel to build low-cost housing structures in rural economy in India.”

  • What inspired you to take this initiative?

Ms. Shriti Pandey:- “Strawcture Eco was born out of my personal experience being in a village for one year. I did a rural fellowship ‘Bank of India- Youth of India’ in the year of 2017. The experience made me realize that there is a huge potential for building houses for the rural community at a low cost and thermally more comfortable than these traditional houses that we live in. 90% of this community do not have a proper house.”

  • What challenges did you face?

Ms. Shriti Pandey:- “The very first challenge, I think, every entrepreneur faces is that when you go to the people and you pitch the idea- nobody believes you. They usually think it’s a crazy idea. The people have been building houses with concrete and brick for more than 100 years, why would they like to switch? Therefore, the initial resistance was psychological. Over a period of time, once we built the first model, people started to see our house and believe in it.

The next challenge was convincing people to work with us in the team. Because a lot of time, people prefer working in corporate in steady jobs than startups because of their flexibility and security. But within last one and half years, we’ve been able to have a good strong team of people who believe in the vision as much as I do.”

  • We would like to know about your journey from a student to an entrepreneur and about your life as an entrepreneur?

Ms. Shriti Pandey:- “I completed my bachelors in civil engineering in 2014 from KIET. After graduation, I decided to study more instead of immediately getting a job. So, I went to the US to do my masters in construction management. At that point in time, I saw a huge potential of doing my own business in construction space and implementing new technologies which are going to be the future.

As an entrepreneur, it’s impossible to give yourself a holiday. But it’s exciting at the same time because knowing that you have the power to create something, to make decisions and also help people do more than just a job. It gives you immense gratification that helps you keep going even without 8 hours daily schedule or without any weekends.”

  • How did education at KIET help you during this journey?

Ms. Shriti Pandey:- “I was introduced to the concept of engineering at KIET. Few of my professors really gave me that passion to get into it in-depth and I started reading all the reference books along with textbooks related to concrete and steel technology.

So, KIET played a huge role. It made me realize the importance of  Engineering and If it wasn’t for studying here, I don’t think I would be anywhere in this field at all.”

  • What do you think about KIET’s incubation program?

Ms. Shriti Pandey:- “KIET has one of the best incubation facilities and infrastructure in all of UP and I think KIET incubator has a huge potential. It’s now up to the students to develop new ideas while they are in the school phase of life to go there and actually utilize the resources. Unless you have an idea and take an initiative, the incubator or your mentors can’t really help you.”

  • How can students make themselves future-ready?

Ms. Shriti Pandey:- I think in today’s world, whether it’s India or globally, the trends are changing rapidly. Therefore, whether you are a civil engineer or a computer science student what you have to realize in your third year or fourth year is what is going to be the trend for the next ten years. If you can really make yourself skilled in that trend before you graduate; I think there is a huge potential for whether you want to do a job or you want to create your own opportunities for yourself.”

  • After getting a degree, most of the students run for a job; only a few of them think to become an entrepreneur. What do you think about this?

Ms. Shriti Pandey:- “Of course, that’s the main trend. I think the main reason for that is the idea that if we have no background and we have no safety cushion, we cannot start something of our own— which is justified because I also felt the same way. I actually started off by randomly applying to competitions that allow students to participate. I was rejected at 10 of them and then one of them selected the idea and I got incubated by NITI Ayog. So, if you have an idea, don’t even think about turning that into a business or registering a company because those are more complex and legal affairs. If you have an idea— just write it down, make a small business model of it on a presentation and start pitching to your school, schools in your own neighborhood, and in other competitions. You’ll see that very soon you’ll find like-minded people and that’s the key. Once you find the like-minded people who believe in the idea, you can have your own team and start. When you finally have your first paying customer — that’s the time when you have to get into the nitty-gritty of registering a company. Until then don’t think of those things because that will make you scared.”

  • What are the opportunities there for a start-up and what do you think about the future and scope of start-ups?

Ms. Shriti Pandey:- “In India, right now, almost every state, every big district has an incubator, every premier institute has an incubator. The main step for any aspirant would be to first get incubated if they have an idea. Because the incubator provides you the cushion, it gives you the stipend. It gives you the right mentors. What you lack as an entrepreneur is not imagination or the creativity—what you lack is the experience.”

  • Any message for youth and especially KIETians?

Ms. Shriti Pandey:- “I think the risk is universally proportioned to age. So if you are in college, that’s the best time when you can take a risk— not rash but a calculated risk. Do take as many calculated risks as you can. If you have an idea, you can easily devote one year of your life to that. If that doesn’t work out, it won’t stop you— You can still find a job. There is always a job in the market. So, take those risks and you’ll see that if you really put your own 100 percent into it, before that deadline arrives, you will be somewhere much earlier.”

Predictive Analytics

Earlier when technology and business processes weren’t two sides of the same coin, organizations had no choice except for conducting all sales and marketing operations through their gut instinct.
And then boom!
Predictive Analytics appeared as a blessing in disguise for such organizations. Predictive Analytics uses data, statistical algorithms and other similar functions to predict future events using historical data. The road from what has happened to what will happen goes through the
gateway of Predictive Analytics.
The information has become an asset for all of us today. It is with the help of this gathered data/information that organizations have become enterprising nowadays. Predictive Analytics has varied application ranging from health care to marketing to what not. One of the major applications of Predictive Analytics is Customer Relationship Management (CRM). As technology is driving today’s generation, it has become quite necessary for companies to connect with their target audience digitally. If they fail to give a personalized experience to their customers no matter how great their product is, it will automatically lead to the heavy downfall of their business growth. Hence it quite important to be technically sound and this is where Customer Relationship Management or CRM comes into dominance, it is basically an approach to deal with the relations of any organization and to make these relations grow stronger. These relations include not just customers but also potential customers, suppliers, colleagues, and other individuals.
Sales and management are one of the key fields wherein CRM is used.
The deadly combination of Predictive Analytics and CRM will help companies in maximizing their revenues and not just this but it’ll also help us to get a better picture of customer insights and many other benefits as listed below:
1) With clearer customer insights, different strategies can be developed for different type of customers. Companies can also segregate their target customers who are more likely to be interested in their offers and for the customers, it will be easier as they’ll be notified about various products based on their past buying patterns.
2) Predictive Analytics has various algorithms which collect the data from various companies. This can help in devising various marketing and promotional strategies based on this data.
3) As the responses of customers are recorded, it can be used for problem-solving. The organization can cater to the needs of the buyers by studying the conduct and responses and hence help the customers get what they actually require.
The coupling of predictive analytics and CRM has vital applications in surveilling customer behavior. This can help to boost marketing campaigns, enhance the relationship with potential customers and all together help any trade grow efficiently.

And this is how we know that Bill Gates was right when he said: “How you gather, manage, and use information will determine whether you win or lose.”


Ananya Singh

EIE Department, 4th Year

KIET Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad

Future of Work: Skills You Need Now to Land the Jobs of the Future

Artificial intelligence, digital platforms and other innovations are rapidly transforming the basic nature and scope of work. These changes also raise questions about the broader impact of new technologies on jobs, skills, wages and the nature of work itself. With the transformation of nature of work, students and job aspirants need to learn the skills which may help them to land the jobs of the future.

Impacts of Technological Revolution:

The situation of labour market, at present, is very grim. Because of automation and new technologies, a huge polarization of opportunities between high and low-skilled jobs is already being observed. There are numerous other impacts of this technological revolution on the labour markets and income distribution.

The unemployment and underemployment rates are at their highest across the globe. Some 30 to 45 percent of the working-age population around the world is underutilized—that is, unemployed, inactive, or underemployed. It means that approximately 850 million people in the US, the UK, Germany, India, Japan, Brazil and China are underutilized.

Is this all because of technological revolution?

No, to blame technological revolution solely for this disheartening situation would be unfair and fallacious. Job creation and job destruction hinge not only on technological development but also on economic, legal and socio-political determinants. If we trace down the history, we shall find that new technologies increase productivity of workers, create new jobs, demand, products and markets. Technological development is the main driver of economic growth and improvements in living standard.

Educational systems have failed to keep a pace with the rapid transformation of the nature of work resulting into producing low-skilled workforce. According to McKinsey survey of young people and employers, “40 percent of employers consider ‘lack of skills’ the main reason for the entry-level job vacancies, while 60% of employers say that new graduates are not adequately prepared to for the world of work.”

What is the future of work?

There is a phenomenal impact of new technologies at the workplace. Automation technologies are developing at huge speed than ever which will surely benefit the highly skilled workforce while low-skilled workers will be able to increase their productivity with the help of these technologies provided that they are given proper training and knowledge of these technologies. A new market of knowledge-enabled jobs will rise as machines embed intelligence and knowledge that less-skilled workers can access with a little training.

Skills Students Need to Learn to Land the Jobs of the Future

Most of the analyses suggest that artificial intelligence and other new technologies would benefit high-skilled workers with high degree of flexibility, creativity, analytical and interpersonal skills.

Therefore, Students can future proof their careers with qualifications in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Five of the key skills for future employment involve the use of key human skills such as:

  • Mental Elasticity and Complex Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity
  • People Skills
  • Interdisciplinary Knowledge

If we do not change with the time, we shall stagnate. In brief, we can say that students need to adapt their skills to the future jobs and learn new skills. The current education system also needs to upgrade itself and embrace the technology.

Therefore, KIET Group of Institutions has decided to bring this series “Future of Work” to help students and job aspirants prepare themselves for the needs of the jobs of the future.