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MBA: Scope & Career Opportunities

Graduates from different disciplines believe that having an MBA degree is the next logical step in their career progression. Irrespective of the area of study, graduates from different domains believe acquiring an MBA can help achieve them achieve their professional goals. However, given the time and money investment, some people may ask if it’s worth it to pursue an MBA. An MBA can help those who want to work in management positions, with financial institutions, or as entrepreneurs develop the leadership qualities needed to succeed in these fields.

The advantages of an MBA

Individuals with MBAs have a better feeling of self-assurance in their marketability and the quantity of knowledge they can contribute to diverse initiatives. Completing an MBA program reflects a commitment to acquiring, refining, and implementing abilities that can help an individual prosper. Here are some benefits of earning an MBA degree:

1) Increased Job Prospects

A candidate with an MBA degree can succeed in any field, from energy to consumer products to start-ups. An advanced degree can help the candidate achieve an edge as compared to others. Employers prefer to hire or promote candidates with an MBA because they have marketing and financial skills that others in the company may lack. This enables them to jump right into numerous activities and assist their organization in increasing earnings.

2) A Better Understanding of a Market

An MBA brings all the required skills which help the students have a clear understanding of the market and the happenings in the market. MBA students can broaden their understanding of various industries nationally and internationally in addition to studying from academics.

3) Improved Communication Skills

Professionals must be able to communicate effectively to succeed. While communication is a “soft skill” compared to “hard skills” and it is equally important. An MBA can help improve the verbal and writing communication abilities of an individual. Effectively communicating concepts to individuals at all levels of an organization so that everyone can work toward a common goal is essential.

4) Expansion of Professionals’ Networks

Earning an MBA connects to a network of professionals allowing individuals to meet with respected and knowledgeable people meeting whom might not have been easier otherwise. There is an immense opportunity to form relationships with other professionals in the classroom and beyond, in addition to becoming a part of a larger community.

5) Effective Time Management

MBA necessitates balancing extracurricular activities with a demanding college load, along with other personal and professional obligations. Obtaining an MBA can assist in successfully managing time, which is a desirable as well as a valuable skill among employers.


An MBA can help people open new doors, and the KIET School of Management, also known as KSOM, is running on a business school model with AKTU affiliated college status. Students tend to gain a variety of abilities that help them compete and survive in a competitive market for a small fee. Apart from the aforementioned advantages, there are a number of other reasons to pursue an MBA from KSOM:

1) Business Research Methods (BRM) Project:

Students are engaged and active in research through one of the subjects offered to them as part of their curriculum in the second semester, Business Research Methods. The course introduces students to theoretical topics and prepares them to do field research using the principles learned in class. Students work with faculty mentors to develop their research papers, which they then present at national and international conferences. This activity instils confidence in students and encourages them to conduct research.

2) Lifelong Learning

Beyond the classroom, the lessons learned while pursuing an MBA from KSOM are invaluable. KSOM students are required to participate in a wide range of activities, including business reviews, stock market activities, business plans, and other extracurricular activities, in addition to daily lectures with case-based learning. Every week, students learn by doing by participating in and organizing numerous activities for departmental groups. The phrase “By the Students, For the students, and of the students” fits the KSOM ideal of assisting students in lifelong learning and holistic development.

3) An Extensive Alumni Network

Alumni involvement and engagement in the form of a mentor, helps students stay connected to current market events. As a mentor, alumni assist students in gaining the skills they need to be market ready.

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