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The Lockdown Phase : “Invigorating the mankind”

When the truth was unveiled to us during the period of lockdown, the tenure of self-learning or self-development in terms of natural, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual being evolved. There are various lessons that we had never pondered over, the way we have done it today……. The day never ever began with the Indian epics […]

Wings of Hope

The souls are dim..the conversations unheard The silence is deafening..the zeal is clutched The paths are barren..the travellers adrift The laughter is denounced..the heartbeat hushed The values are revamped..the beliefs are a quest The lessons are learnt..the priorities upend But we shall overcome The perseverance will upsurge..the grit triumphed The sabbatical will climax..the celebrations upfront […]

New You in 21 Days: 21 Things you must do in these 21 days

This COVID-19 has surely raised the levels of adrenaline across the world and every country is battling the pandemic in its own way. This Lockdown is being considered to be the most effective way of combating this virus and is now being practised worldwide wherein we all are in a state of independent learning. Though […]