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New You in 21 Days: 21 Things you must do in these 21 days

This COVID-19 has surely raised the levels of adrenaline across the world and every country is battling the pandemic in its own way.

This Lockdown is being considered to be the most effective way of combating this virus and is now being practised worldwide wherein we all are in a state of independent learning.

Though it is for our own good yet 21 is a good number of days to inculcate good habits.

Thus, I have found 21 ways that will not only upgrade you to become a better version of yourselves but will also help you to pass these 21 days smoothly.

So here are 21 tips to redefine yourself in 21 days-

  1. Practice Yoga- Wake up early in the morning and practice some basic yoga asanas that will help you strengthen yourselves, take a sunbath that will help you to increase vitamin D in your body, which normally we are not able to get in our daily lives

Also, practice deep breathing which helps you in numerous ways.

  1. Learn a household skill- when we talk of gender equity, here is the right time to ensure that. You can pick up some household skills like cooking, basic stitching, ironing, electric fitting, etc.,  that will help you gain confidence in yourselves and also will become a helping hand for your family.


  1. Read a book- You can’t go outside in person these days but books can take you to the outer world. Perhaps you were not able to read the book kept on your shelf which you purchased, it is the right time to do that or alternatively use some online resources to read. Reading anyways is always beneficial and broadens your mental horizons.


  1. Go spiritual- It is the time that you went inside and thus, redefine yourself, find out what went wrong and what was right. Decide on the next course of action. Keep a check on your actions spiritually and release all the toxins that are hampering the growth of the self. Meditation can be an effective tool for doing this.


  1. Prepare an indigenous diet plan- These 21 days the online delivery of food, getting pizza or burgers would be very challenging or not even possible in some cities. Believe me, this is a blessing in disguise to activate the metabolism of your body and detoxify it. Prepare your diet plan according to your body type using local ingredients and follow it. Remember a few tips – Practice slow eating (normally we eat fast on our jobs and all), take proper water intake, have small meals at periodic intervals. Go for homemade scrumptious and healthy delicacies. Ask your mom or your granny, they will also feel happy about it or lend a helping hand to them.


  1. Clean your home- Clean your home like never before; clean even the remote areas of your home. It will give you a positive feel and cleaning is a very good way of home workout. Mopping itself consumes lots of calories. Use incense sticks or aroma candles in your homes post-cleaning. Avoid room fresheners in this duration.


  1. Sit with your family and see old picture albums- Now is the time to visit the memory lanes and get nostalgic. Revisit those memories and discuss all the happy events of the family in the past. It will rejuvenate you and your family which will result in the strengthening of the bond among members.


  1. Enroll in at least one online course- Remember upskilling is one of the keys to success so enroll yourself in a course that you think can add value to your profile and study sincerely.


  1. Revive old connections- Open your phone directories and connect with your old friends and acquaintances. It will psychologically relieve you and will act as a good rejuvenation for your mind as you will discuss all that naughty stuff which you used to do in your prime age.


  1. Take care of plants at home- Plantation is considered to be a good leisure time activity and investing time in plantation yields in greater benefits. Sit with your plants and babysit them; they are the ones which make your home look beautiful and provide you fresh air and other useful things.



  1. Practice distancing from your mobile phone- It is a must to learn habit and use these days to practice it, start with 30 minutes of not using your mobile phones. Remember, do not think that if you are worshipping or cleaning,  and not using a mobile phone is distancing;  it would mean you do nothing and yet you don’t use your mobile phone (Please take a note).


  1. Re-live any of your indoor hobbies or pick a new one- Remember your childhood days when you would do so many activities, how about reliving at least one of them. Try to become a kid; watch cartoons or a fantasy movie, listen to music or dance or draw or do any such thing. It will refuel the creativity in you.


  1. Clean your mailbox- Yes, you read it right,  other than redoing your almirah this task also needs attention. Clean your mailbox and arrange the mails in different folders.

This will help you to become more organised.


  1. Take care of your body- Say no to make up in these 21 days. Oil your hair and body periodically (be that oily geek). This will help you nourish your hair and body. A good massage by your partner or your mother can always do magic on your body and hair. Detoxify all the chemicals that you keep on applying regularly to look presentable.


  1. Complete your pending tasks- Your child needs attention in a particular topic or subject, do it now. Your father has been asking you for your time to discuss some clan things, do it now. Your mother has been asking you to shift the cartons, do it now. You wanted to write a story, or an article, do it now.

(What do you think I am doing)


  1. Write a letter to yourself- with so much of preachings on social media about taking care of your mother, father, wife, siblings, children we forget ourselves. So pick any one day in this span and write a letter to yourself appreciating yourself for accomplishing so many things which were a dream once and put that letter on your study board, read it again and again and again and feel proud of yourself.

It will help you gain more confidence.


  1. Watch a movie with family- Why not cook a cooker full of vegetable pulao and serve it with curd (I am not using the word yogurt) while watching a movie together.

This will create a sense of love among the members of the family.


  1. Involve your family in all the tasks- How is the idea of cooking together, cleaning together, making the bed, worshipping or having meals together, play a game of Business or Scrabble and to the most why not play those lost carrom boards or ludo or snakes and ladders.

(Believe me, do this and you will miss this house arrest ahead in your lives).


  1. Discuss religious stories at home- It will help the younger gen to know more about the religion which will inculcate a sense of identity in them along with imbibing moral values in their psyche. Discuss these stories logically and scientifically. A family that does discussions can ensure a healthy atmosphere at home.


  1. Practice speaking the truth for at least 2 hours a day- It sounds strange, doesn’t it?

In our daily lives we speak lots of lies to lots of people but these days we are only with our families, let’s try to get into the honest zone and witness what magic it creates.

An honest person has a sound sleep without any guilt.

Identify any 2 hours of the day wherein you promise yourself that you are gonna speak only truth.

*Do not share the timings with your family, keep it with you and follow, else results may be ghastly.


  1. Do not forget your WORK FROM HOME(WFH) – A phrase that has gained momentum these days more than CORONA itself. Your bosses are waiting more eagerly for you to get back to the office and tell them what contributions you have made to the organization in this duration.

Plan your day accordingly and enjoy this duration.


Remember by following all this you will learn lots of life skills like – Time Management, Self-introspection, bonding, creativity, learning skills, patience, team building and many others.

While the government is doing its bit by taking the necessary steps, we should be doing our bit by complying with the guidelines and staying at home. Let us use this duration to Redefine ourselves.


Stay healthy Stay happy

Happy we happy world

Healthy we healthy world




Written by-

Himanshu Saxena

Assistant Professor- Communication and Soft Skills

HSS Department

KIET Group of Institutions


5 thoughts on “New You in 21 Days: 21 Things you must do in these 21 days

  1. Thank you sir for the suggestion .. I’ll definitely try 21 ways…
    And sir take care of your self and your family

  2. SIR,
    Your article is again a very good one as expected . I have already started many of these things . But thank you so much for this .

  3. You again proved that you are a really critical minded person and I will strongly follow these tips..

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