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The Lockdown Phase : “Invigorating the mankind”

When the truth was unveiled to us during the period of lockdown, the tenure of self-learning or self-development in terms of natural, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual being evolved.

There are various lessons that we had never pondered over, the way we have done it today…….

The day never ever began with the Indian epics –The Ramayana & Mahabharata with our children.

We never spent our Navratras without visiting the deities in the temples, but the tenure has led us to introspect within ourselves to see Goddess Durga inside. Indian women have converted their homes into temples.

For the first time, the animal kingdom realized that the world belongs to them also.

For the first time, the children of metro cities believed that the stars do twinkle.

People from the whole world can also do their work from their home easily.

We and our children can live and survive without junk food also.

The upbringing of the Indians with leading life in scarcity has contributed to the endurance and forbearance of severe and painstaking circumstances.

The joint families are better performers as compared to nuclear families in terms of family values and leading a nurtured life.

The hidden talents of our children were discovered.

Living a clean, simple &serene life is not so difficult.

Cooking does not only belong to the domain of females only men can also render their services.

We can enjoy our holidays without visiting Europe and America.

Indians have a stronger immune system as compared to the whole world.

The real heroes or ideals are our Health workers, Policemen, Administrative staff members who are enacting the role of an army on the battlefield.

There is no significance of petrol –diesel & gold-silver without their usage.

We do not need much money to lead life of sanctity with dal & rice.

Media can also play a positive role that has proven to be the strongest pillar of a republic nation to invigorate the citizens with the right information.

The millionaire- industrialists are also standing hand in hand with the nation symbolizing the depth &width of humanity.

The poor society is ready to offer whatever they have for their nation is the symbolic representation of love for their country.

The Lockdown has led to the emergence of the formation of a classless society where people have started valuing the people offering services to us. The servants would now be considered as helpers who would be our precious assets.

The education process is also striving hard to be reinvented; times like this can build foundations of resilience to face such difficult events in future.

The running of a kitchen is an immense learning resource for the children.

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Today, a number of countries will have to strive hard to regain their economic status.

Various countries have revealed their real face of not realizing the importance of human values and universal welfare.

The people were banging doors and howling to let them rescued and saved in other countries but we were banging thalis with spoons, blowing horns, playing the drums, ringing bells and blowing shankhas as trumpets with ecstasy and devotion.

There had been a fire of helplessness, panic & pain in other countries but we had ignited the diyaas to welcome Lord Rama to eradicate the miseries & agonies of our nation.

The people have realized the significance of nature and natural resources.

Today a new and replenished human has taken birth& come out of the cocoon which has been cherished by our nature for long. Hope we will understand the insignia of nature and act accordingly.

The energies of the humans have united to cast synergistic impact being signified in the form of “SHAKTI” which will fight against “Asura-Corona”. We are sanctified to be born on this virtuous &  chivalrous  motherland –BharatMaa, which would certainly save and secure us with her blessings, grace & glory……………….



Dr. Meetu Kumar – Assistant Professor

Communication and Soft Skills

Department of Humanities & Social Sciences

KIET Group of Institutions

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