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Article VI; Series: ‘We are Here

Oh !  Alas!

Nothing is left, All finished,

My family, my society! No one will ever accept me. I am the culprit, committed the most sinful act, and can’t bear the pain anymore. No one needs me. I should better die; I am left with no other option.

The turbulence of such thoughts was going in my mind when I was a few seconds away from ending my life. Suddenly I halted & broke the chain of negative thoughts and asked:

“Do I really not have any better option?

What if I finish myself?”

I may finish my pain, my suffering, but will ultimately put my family into everlasting pain by opting for this silly act.

I understood that loneliness, fear, guilt, anger all these are creations of my mind. I can overcome these very easily. These are nothing but just illusions. When the mind is trapped in the past, it hurts. So, can I change the past?


Can I change my future?

I received the loud answer “Yes”.

Hence, I decided not to quit and realized that whenever I focus on pain, it keeps increasing my suffering and I forget to feel the profoundness of life.

I was feeling regretful and to overcome self-guilt I decided to transform and heal my own thoughts to see the bigger picture of life.

Today when I look back the thing that comes to my mind is if I would have finished my life, I could have never experienced the pleasure of being valued at my workplace and in the society. Today I have become the hero of my family and this is the most beautiful compliment I have ever received. This could only happen because I chose Freedom not Fear long back. As fear could have crushed me and turned me into ashes, whereas freedom made me dream as high as I can imagine.

Today I feel blessed that I could overcome the adversity in my life. Adversity comes in everyone’s life in the most unexpected ways and dealing with adversity requires a certain mindset comprising of:

  • No amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of anxiety can change the future
  • Nothing is permanent
  • What is over is over

The hardest thing for many people is to recognize that ‘adversity is a part of success’.

I would like to end with this message.

“Destiny always has miracles in store, so do not let someone’s harsh words pull you down. Live Laugh and prove them wrong.”

Thoughts penned by-
Ms. Vinita Yadav
Astt. Prof.- Communication & Soft Skills
Dept. of Humanities & Social Sciences

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