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Climate Change is one of the most serious threats to society of humans and can be said, ironically, it is a threat that humans have created on their own. The concentration of Greenhouse gases globally, has increased since 1750 whose main contributor is carbon dioxide (CO2) which by volume has increased predominantly. The term Carbon […]

The Undying Spirit of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at KIET: It’s Alumni Network

Many such queries puzzle students when they want to decide a career that best suits their dreams and aspirations for a bright future.  Nowadays students have plenty of career options to choose from depending on their interests and skills. But insecurities and vulnerabilities of their mind regarding their choice hinder their decision and hamper their […]

Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering- Complete Career Guide

Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering- Complete Career Guide

Introduction: Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering B. Tech or B.E in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering is an undergraduate course offered by various engineering colleges in India. As apparent by its name- it is a coalescence of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering largely deals with the principle and operation of measuring instruments which are […]

Career Opportunities for Mechanical Engineering Students

Career Opportunities and Options for Mechanical Engineering Graduates

Mechanical Engineering is one of the primordial, most diverse and versatile disciplines of engineering. This branch of engineering is a highly dynamic amalgamation of engineering physics and mathematics principles with materials science to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems. Though its beginning can be traced back several thousand years across the globe, mechanical engineering […]

On Campus Business Incubators in India

On-Campus Business Incubators: An Opportunity for Young Entrepreneurs

Most of the top engineering and management colleges are integrating entrepreneurship within their curriculum and have created on-campus business incubators with an objective to equip the students with the capacity to adapt quickly to technological innovation and invent the future by developing breakthrough technologies that solve global problems and enhance the quality of life. In this […]

Center of Excellence for Power Engineering Technologies & Clean Energy Integration

The governments across the globe are determined to expand the role of clean energy technology in the system by formulating a medium to long-term innovation roadmap and conducting major technological research which obviously invigorates the idea that this sector has a huge potential of exponential growth. Therefore, an effort to make a career in this […]

International Exposure: Preparing Global Citizens

Education is at the vanguard of global expansion and globalization has made it easier than ever for students to explore the world abroad for work and study opportunities, thereby the appeal of pursuing international education has taken good momentum among the youth of India these days. Benefits of international experience: Recent research backs up what […]