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New You in 21 Days: 21 Things you must do in these 21 days

This COVID-19 has surely raised the levels of adrenaline across the world and every country is battling the pandemic in its own way. This Lockdown is being considered to be the most effective way of combating this virus and is now being practised worldwide wherein we all are in a state of independent learning. Though […]

Learning and Talent Mobility

“Change is the most deliberate veracity of this transforming age.” Each and every sector of this professional era is showing a prominent shift in their nature and workflow depending upon the need of the hour. As the needle of the clock is swinging, the workplace of this digital world is also changing its phases.   […]

Caution: Fasten your seat belts; you are now on a roller coaster ride called LIFE…

Article III; Series: ‘We are Here‘ ( Yesterday you read one aspect of this beautiful life wherein it was seen that self-acceptance is vital. Today, I am sharing the other aspect of this life wherein you will see faith, determination, and conviction in God’s plan make everything possible. Struggle is just a part of life; life […]