Life @ KIET Group of Institutions

Institute’s Citizenship

Each team member at KIET Group of Institutions believes respects and values the Institute’s citizenship. We have the uniformity in the values of our people.

Enjoy the journey at KIET Group of Institutions – Birth, Youth, Maturity

The talent (Faculty & Staff) hired and inducted in the system is at birth stage. The stage progress and matures with the years in KIET. Each stage of life at any point of time relishes the journey at KIET Group of Institutions. Have a look on our team members’ remarks: Testimonials from ERP

Have fun at KIET Chaupal Club & share knowledge via “Knowledge Sharing Club”, Palash, KIET Newsletter

✔ KIET Group of Institution’s team is highly charged up team. KIET’s “KIET Chaupal Club” facilitates fun activities in such a way that each team member enjoys each fest or day with great zeal and participation. Be it Lohri, Republic Day, Basant Panchami, Valentines Day, International Women’s Day, Friendship Day, Deepotsav, Holi, Christmas, New Year, Bihu, Onum, Ganesh Chaturthi, Birthday, Anniversaries we celebrate all by spending quality time and energy.

✔ The various fun activities, trips, matches, dress codes boost the energy level of the work environment and spread the fragrance of HAPPY and lively atmosphere. Besides, the “Knowledge Sharing Club” shares the knowledge based on (News/Latest Discovery, Science, and Technology, Research, Education, Global or any course related developments). It facilitates in keeping us updated and gets navigated to the STUDENTS.

‘Palash – Vibrance with Innovation’ is an annual magazine which features everything that revolves around the life of KIETians. It provides a common platform to all KIETians and strengthens the bond between them. It reaches to each faculty and staff members home sweet home.

KIET Newsletter (Endeavour to fly high) reflects the values and the quality of the Institution and releases with the purpose to inform, engage, inspire and entertain a diverse readership including alumni, faculty, staff, students, parents and other friends of KIET by presenting an intimate, timely and honest portrait of the Institution.