Internal Complaints Committee


Problems related to sexual harassment or sexual abuse come under the purview of the Internal Complaints Committee cell.
Any women (a student, faculty and staff member working on regular/temporary/ad hoc, daily wage worker) present in KIET Premises and facing a problem related to harassment can contact Internal Complaints Committee.
Drop a mail at or contact in person.
Utmost priority is given to confidentiality. All the details and identities are kept confidential during and after the process.
You can always contact the Internal Complaints Committee for help. If we can’t help you, we can suggest where to get help.
It’s essential to know the identity of the accused person for any type of action. If you don’t know the person, you can present any proof which will help in identifying the accused. For example- if a person is harassing you via sending vulgar pictures and texts from random Ids, you should have the screenshots of the chats and discussion. CCTV cameras are there in the institute, so you may check whether it is there at the point of the incident. All efforts will be made to identify the culprit.
If you have faced any kind of harassment, you should complain within 3 months of the incident.
  • Write exactly what happened with details, dates, names of respondents, witnesses and documents (if any).
  • Be specific about the incident(s).
  • Be honest, as false complaints can invite penalties.
  • The matter can be settled down between victim and respondent(s) by ICC only if the victim makes a request for it.
  • Monetary settlement shall not be the basis of conciliation.
The committee is required to complete the enquiry within 90 days. After the completion, the report is sent to the head of the institution.
If the complaint is false and malicious, the complainant will have to bear the penalty.