No.Name of InventorInventionReference
    1Dr. K.L.A. Khan Design of Spectacle Frame303390
    Dr. J. Sahoo
    2Dr. Roma GhaiNovel Anti-fertility AgentsUS20030212105 A1
    3Dr. Daksh BhatiaPerilla Frutescens Fixed Oil: Efficacy against Bovine Mastitis560/DEL/2013
    4Dr. K. NagarajanDesign, synthesis & amino acid composition of fullerene based peptidomimetics as anticancer agentCBR Number 3248, Ref. Number: E 101/15378/ 2016-DEL, Appl. No.: 201611004953
    Dr. Parul Grover
    5Dr. Abhay BhardwajMethod development for extraction and isolation of phytoconstituents using electrocoagulationCBR No. 30624 Application No. 201811049743
    Dr. Daksh Bhatia
    Mr. Anuj Pathak
    6Dr. Arunesh ChandraHead wear(Helmet)301435
    7Mr. Sachin RathoreErgonomic Hoe296188
    8Dr. K. NagarajanNovel Peptidomimetics Lead as Potent Hepatoprotective Agent201911021626
    Dr. Parul Grover
    Dr. Roma Ghai
    9Mr. Anuj PathakA portable and compact multistage sterilization cabinet involving different mechanisms201811017382
    Mr. Abhay Bhardwaj
    Dr. Daksh Bhatia
    Dr. Jagannath Sahoo
    10Mr. Abhay BhardwajProcess of extracting phytoconstituents from herbal plants 201711036383
    Dr. Daksh Bhatia
    11Dr. Shivani BatraSmartend-of-Life care: An App for Organ Donation201911018862
    12Dr. Arvind Kumar SharmaPortable Washing Machine cum Table fan201711002043