Career Guidance


“Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you any closer to where you want to be tomorrow.”
-Harry Day

With an undying and relentless thirst for chaperoning our students on the roads of triumph, Career Guidance Centre, or as we are popularly known as, CGC, was established to not only aid our students in determining their desired goals and assisting them in any and every manner possible but also to help them procure the national and international platforms worthy of them.

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The Career Guidance Centre has, since its inception, always strived to match the repute and glory that our institute basks in. Guided under the illustrious mentorship of Dr. Preeti Chitkara (Manager, Institutional Affairs) and her team of competent individuals- a potent mix of faculty and students alike, CGC, labours to provide an overall and wholesome development to the students.

Dr. Preeti Chitkara

(Manager, Institutional Affairs, Coordinator- CGC)

From collaborating with renowned national and international institutions to garnering International Internships for the students and hosting International conferences from time to time, the centre is by and large responsible for the International visibility that the institute relishes. To keep pace with the stiff competition on a global level and to fortify our stance on an international spectrum, CGC plans on launching a LINGUISTIC LITERACY CENTRE (LLC) to educate our students to be adept in various Foreign Languages and a Centre for the preparation of examinations the likes of GRE/GMAT/IELTS/TOEFL apart from establishing and upholding our valued international relations.

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The Career Guidance Centre, composed of individuals, committed to the pursuit of excellence, aspires to provide a transformative personality development experience to students and envisions a distinguished international stance for them and our institute.

The centre was established to serve not only as a career information and preparation resource for our graduate and post graduate students, but also to serve as a platform to associate with our global alumni network.

It seeks to provide students the process of career goal setting and attainment, providing outstanding career development services, optimum utilization of most efficient practices and facilitating educational and professional application.

It intends to aid students in becoming global leaders and responsible citizens of tomorrow to ultimately make significant contributions to the global society and foster its growth.


The individuals at the Career Guidance Centre are fuelled by

5 point agenda :

To serve the society by equipping our students with significant skills to be global leaders in pursuit of excellence and innovation.

Ensuring student participation in career enhancement activities on a national and international spectrum through student exchange programs and work-based learning.

To forge and foster mutually benefitting relationships with institutes of national and international repute through joint ventures and collaborations.

To host national and international event, seminar, conferences, workshops, talks, and aid research and publications in various national and international journals.

To create an enriched environment where faculty members from diverse backgrounds pursue knowledge and innovation to ultimately contribute to the development of curricula from a global perspective and transform the educational experience through various national and international Faculty Development Programmes (FDPs).


We, at Career Guidance Centre, are motivated by certain core values:


We believe in fostering trust with our partners by ensuring transparency.


We believe in paving our way ahead of our times, and also inspiring our students, faculty and partners alike.


We believe in equality for all and no discrimination on the basis of caste, gender, race and social and economic backgrounds.


We believe in fostering diversity in our appointments and endeavours in synergy with the core value our institute was established on.