The Internship & Industry Partnership Cell (IIPC) at KIET Group of Institutions stands on a noble thought of developing and igniting innovative minds and to equip them with contemporary skills to meet the challenges ahead. The department follows the guidelines laid down under the Internship Policy of AICTE, New Delhi and Dr. A.P.J. AKTU, Lucknow.

The objective of IIPC is to structure and institutionalize Internship culture at all the levels of their professional program. The students are sensitized and efforts are made to make them aware about the importance of internship/ mini projects/ live projects from exploring, analyzing and innovative implementation of their acquired knowledge nudging them to feel and understand a corporate environment.

IIPC comes under the umbrella of Corporate Relation and Placement Centre (CRPC) in KIET. We work cohesively with various professional departments exploring meaningful projects/ internships. We are well connected to the corporate and institutions providing such programs, also KIET has a culture among students where they participate in various inter and intra disciplinary technical clubs and skill enhancement programs.



To empower students to develop, evaluate, and accomplish their unique certified goals by building a strong association with industries to enhance the practical aspects of their careers and make them ready for an evolving global workforce.


  • To offer ample opportunities to students to explore first-hand the knowledge and theories taught in the classroom.
  • To provide students access to an industrial environment that is not easily available in campus.
  • To give students expanded opportunities for self-directed learning.
  • To enable students to build up work competencies for specific professions and to explore career interests and form networks.
  • To provide opportunities for students to develop intellectual and professional partnerships.