International Relations

About International Relations

J. William Fulbright
Educational exchange can turn nations into people, contributing as no other form of communication can to the humanizing of international relations.

The International spectrum captures KIET in its cosmopolitan flight and unmatched glory.

The international spectrum of KIET Group of Institutions harbors all our Intercontinental relations, collaborations and internships. There are multiple opportunities that lie ahead of our students and will benefit them with future career opportunities by providing more life experiences and personal connections, complementing and accelerating fluency in speaking, reading, and writing foreign languages. Another benefit of studying overseas is the new perspective that students develop on their subject, allowing them to look at an academic area from a previously unseen angle.
The Department offers various programs and initiatives to cater to the needs of students. These include international collaborations, where KIET partners with universities and institutions worldwide to create valuable academic connections. International activities and events are organized to expose students to diverse cultures and perspectives, enhancing their fluency in foreign languages and fostering personal growth.Through strategic alliances and connections with foreign universities, KIET maintains a high standard of education, comparable to the best institutions globally.

Overall, the Department of International Relations at KIET serves as a gateway for students to explore the world and engage in international academic pursuits, preparing them to become global citizens capable of thriving in a diverse and interconnected world.

Mission of the IR Department

The mission of the IR Department is to:
  • To foster global awareness, promote cultural exchange, and develop meaningful international partnerships.
  • To create an inclusive and diverse academic environment that prepares students for successful engagement in an interconnected world.
  • To cultivate a deep understanding of global issues, facilitate cross-cultural dialogue, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in international relations.

Department of International Relations typically consists of professionals with expertise in various areas. The roles & responsibilities of IR Team are:

  • Coordinating & Promoting Foreign Languages among students.
  • Connecting Universities, Proposing & coordinating Foreign Collaborations (MoUs).
  • Organizing International conferences, Seminars, distinguished lectures in association with departments.
  • Participation in International Summits, conferences, and conclaves.
  • Organizing International Education Awareness Sessions as IEAW and fair.
  • Promoting & motivating students for International Internships/Summer Programs – Incoming as well as Outgoing.
  • Accelerating Student & Faculty for Project Based Learning (PBL) and Exchange Programs.
  • Promoting & Pursuing Summer/Winter courses in other countries.
  • Motivating students & Organizing International Tours.
  • Spreading Cultural Awareness & conducting programs to prepare global citizens at KIET.
  • Promoting & motivating students for study abroad.