About KIET Research

Incentive for Researchers

1. Policy of Research Incentives Scheme

  • The undergraduate and postgraduate students who are on rolls with KIET Group of Institutions can publish their original research work.
  • Fulltime Employees of KIET Group of Institutions who are on probation/permanent payrolls and faculty who are appointed on contract basis in any of the constituent Department of the Institute.
  • Publications in indexed journals (For Technology, Science, Management and Social Sciences-SCI / SCI-E / SSCI and for Pharmacy -PubMed / SCOPUS / Index Medicus) will only be considered for incentive.
  • The faculty will be paid the following incentives based upon the impact factor of the journals in which the research paper has been published.
S.No.Impact Factor /CiteScoreTMIncentive (In Rs.)
1 0.750 & above 11,000/-
2 0.500 to 0.749 8,000/-
3 0.250 to0.499 5,000/-
  • A maximum of two research papers in an academic year shall be considered.


  • The faculty asking for incentive must be the first author in the research paper. The amount shall be equally divided among authors for multi-authored publication.
  • It is mandatory for all faculties, receiving/receivedResearch papers Incentives based upon impact factor, to establish / Contribute Centre of Excellence, Research Lab, Student Research Facility, Sponsored Projects in their respective departments based upon the research carried out in the paper.
  • In the case of multi-authored publications, incentive will be equally shared by authors.
  • The published paper must have ‘KIET Group of Institutions’ as the affiliation.
  • On-line date is to be considered as the date of publication.
  • Authors outside the KIET fraternity are not entitled for this scheme.
  • Authors must also be aware of the Institute policy on academic dishonesty and plagiarism (Annexure II).
  • The corresponding author shall take the responsibility to screen the paper for plagiarism, ethics approval, and background checks about the potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access journals before communicating the research publication for Beall’s list of predatory publishers.
  • Eligible candidates to inform the Head of the Institution with a reprint of the publication.
  • Proof of journal paper and its indexing must be submitted while making the claim.
  • Publication claim under Research Incentive Schemes (RIS) of KIET must be made within a month of publication in the prescribed form (Annexure III).


  • Incentive amount of Rupees two thousand (Rs. 2000/-) applies to student authors for publications in any Scopus Indexed, non-paid journals besides journals quoted above.
  • The International/ National conference must be of repute (viz. IEEE, Springer/Wiley/IPC etc.) and the hosting Institutions must be of Institutes of repute-IITs/IISc/NITs/IIITs/ Universities/ Deemed Universities etc.
  • The faculty would be allowed OD + Registration + T.A. on actual basis or Rs. 10000/- whichever is less.
  • In case of joint authorship only one faculty can avail the facility.
  • Each faculty can present research papers in Conferences of repute twice in an academic year with financial assistance (limited to Rs. 10,000/- only).
  • Maximum number of ODs is limited to one week during lean period. Only one day OD is allowed in the academic period.
  • Only Oral presentation of research papers is acceptable.
  • Publication claim under Research Incentive Schemes (RIS) of KIET must be made within a month of publication in the prescribed form (Annexure III).
  • In case of student T.A (as per Institute policy) Registration fees or Rs. 1000/- whichever is less.
  • The faculty has to approach AICTE (which provides 100% funding subject to meeting their norms) or other Funding Agencies of Govt. of India.
  • It has been observed that some of the proposals may not meet AICTE norms besides the paucity of funds with them because of their All India Scope. Therefore KIET may also consider funding for International Conferences on case to case basis, subject to 60% to be paid by the candidate and 40 % by KIET with the candidate having at least 5 years of service in KIET. Also, the candidate should register for Ph.D. after coming as soon as possible.
  • This sanction would be allowed depending upon the track record of the faculty to be adjudged by a panel of at least four Research Council members.
  • Publication claim under Research Incentive Schemes (RIS) of KIET must be made within a month of publication in the prescribed form (Annexure IV).
  • The faculty would be allowed OD+ Registration+ T.A. on an actual basis or Rs. 10,000/- whichever is less.
  • The Workshops/Seminars/FDPs hosting Institutions must be Institutes of repute- IITs/IISc/NITs/IITs/Universities/ Deemed Universities etc.
  • Each faculty can attend Workshops/Seminars/FDPs of repute twice in an academic year with financial assistance. However, financial assistance is limited to Rs. 10,000/- only.
  • The maximum number of ODs is limited to one week during the lean period. Only one day OD is allowed in the academic period.
  • The clause of “minimum requirement of 6 months service in KIET” stands discontinued for claiming any research related incentives or OD for attending Workshops/Seminars/FDPs etc.
  • Faculty members attending FDPs outside need to disseminate knowledge / information by organizing faculty Development Program (FDP)/ Student Development Program (SDP)/ Student Workshop/ Summer/ Winter Schools etc for the benefit of Faculty and Students in their respective departments.
  • The OD and Registration claim under Research Incentive Schemes (RIS) of KIET must be made within a month in the prescribed form (Annexure V).
  • Faculty members who have taken efforts to write and publish books or monographs are encouraged and incentive will be given to the faculty member as per the cap provided:
DetailsPublished ByAmount
Full Book Renowned International Publisher Rs. 10000/-
Full Book Renowned National Publisher Rs. 5000/-
Edited volume of book with articles or chapters (with ISSN/ISBN number wherever necessary) Renowned International / National Publisher Rs. 2000/-
Monographs National Level / International Level Rs. 2000/-
  • If the book / chapter / monograph is contributed by more than one author, the incentive amount will be shared by all the authors equally.
  • The published chapters or monographs must have ‘KIET Group of Institutions’ as the affiliation.
  • Incentive claim under Research Incentive Schemes (RIS) of KIET must be made within a month of publication in the prescribed form (Annexure VI)
  • Faculty members are expected to submit proposals for research grants from funding agencies.
  • It is quite likely, that these projects may involve modernization of laboratories or research infrastructure, acquiring of equipment required specific to the research study or conducting surveys, etc.
  • Research incentive will be 5% of the allocable amount if the Institutional overheads are less than 10% of the project and 10% if the overheads are 10% or more of the project cost. Research grants with no overheads are eligible up to 5% incentive. However, researchers are encouraged to include institutional overheads while proposing the grant budgets. Applicable on DST/DRDO/ISRO/DAE/ICMR/DEIT/DST.
  • Principal Investigator will be entitled to 60% of the incentive while the remaining 40% shall be equally distributed among the Co-Investigators.
  • The maximum limit for any faculty shall be Rupees One Lakhs (Rs.1.00 Lakhs) per year with taxes as applicable. The amount will be payable over the period of the grant.
  • There will be only one Principal Investigator and the faculty members assisting the Principal Investigator with any other title/s will be treated as Co-Investigators for the purpose of calculation of the incentives.
  • If there is no Principal Investigator, the incentive shall be shared equally among the Co-Investigators
  • Principal and Co-Investigators from outside the University will not be eligible for the incentive.
  • Incentive claims under Research Incentive Schemes (RIS) of KIET must be made within a month of sanction of project grant in the prescribed form (Annexure VII).
  • 25% amount will be with KIET for infrastructure and other supports for research and consultancy development.
  • As per current understanding with EDRPL, which is a firm to facilitate consultancy work in KIET as per MOU signed, the remaining 75% amount will be with IRCDC and the same will be utilized as follows:
    • 25% to EDRPL Nominee staff attached to IRCDC for Project Management/ Business Promotions/ Client Interaction/ Coordination with EDRPL & KIET.
    • 50% will be spent on the salary of IRCDC technical staff /consultancy fee/ travel and lodging expenses on IRCDC Project according to the recommendation of IRCDC Head and as per mutual agreement with EDRPL to successfully deliver the project.
  • All faculty members on roll of KIET having more than 05 SCI / SCI-E / SSCI/ PubMed / SCOPUS / Index Medicus research papers, acquiring membership for National and International professional societies are eligible for reimbursement of 75% of the cost of the membership registration fee.
  • No life membership fees will be reimbursed for any professional society / association.
  • Maximum of Rupees Eight Thousand (Rs. 8000) will be paid for both National and International society membership.
  • Incentive claims under Research Incentive Schemes (RIS) of KIET must be made within a month of registration with the professional bodies in the prescribed form. (Annexure VIII).

Ph.D. Fee Reimbursement- Full Time & Part Time

  • Faculty members entering service without a Ph.D. shall be encouraged to enroll themselves/acquire Ph.D. in the relevant branch/discipline from Institutes/ Universities of repute.
  • On acquisition of the Ph.D. from Institutes/Universities of repute with minimum one referred journal publication of repute (SCI-Thomson Reuters), a faculty may avail Ph.D. tuition fee reimbursement on an actual basis but not exceeding Rs. 30,000/- per year (on prorate basis with salary) for three years.
  • The faculty members, who are presently availing the Ph.D. fee reimbursement, may apply for their remaining period of reimbursement on the acquisition of Ph.D degree.
  • The faculty members who are regular and confirmed employees of KIET and those faculty members who are on study leave to pursue full-time Ph.D. are eligible for Ph.D. fee reimbursement.
  • One needs to claim the Ph.D. tuition fee reimbursement within a month after award of degree by submitting a copy of degree certificate and tuition fee paid slips.


  • The maximum total number of ODs for completing a Ph.D. is 12 per academic year/leave year for a maximum 4 years.
  • Maximum of 3 ODs at a stretch can be given to a faculty member in a month during the lean period while faculty members who are at the Course work stage of Ph.D. may avail 1 OD on working Saturday during non-lean period provided the number of count of OD’s remains 12.
  • Faculty may avail the facility of OD for completing Ph.D. immediately post joining KIET.
  • If the course work of Ph.D. program falls during summer break, then faculty must consume their summer vacation first (two weeks) and rest will be treated as OD provided the count remains 12 ODs per academic/ leave year.

Incentives on Award of Ph.D. Degree

  • Five increments shall be admissible at the entry-level of recruitment to persons possessing the degree of Ph.D. awarded in the relevant discipline from Institute/ University of repute.
  • Teachers who complete their Ph.D. degree while in service shall be entitled to three increments if such a Ph.D. is in the relevant branch/discipline and has been awarded by a University of repute.
  • University of repute included (IISc Bangalore, IITs, JNU, NITs, IIITs and Central Universities of repute) and scholars from other Universities other than stated should have to their credit/published at least one refereed journal publication (SCI-Thomson Reuters)
  • One needs to claim the Ph.D incentives within a month after the award of the degree by submitting a copy of degree certificate/provisional degree certificate
  • The Ph.D. incentives in terms of increments will be applicable from the date of submission of the application copy along with the copy of the degree certificate/provisional degree certificate.

KIET owed IP

  • In the case of provisional patent application the initial processing fees of Rs. 25000/- or actual, whichever is lesser will be paid by KIET.
  • Also, in the case when the patent is commercialized, its patent shall be shared among the inventors and KIET in the ratio of 80:20.
  • The inventors among themselves shall decide the share among the inventors.
  • Incentive claims under Research Incentive Schemes (RIS) of KIET must be made within a month of filing with the patent in the prescribed form. (Annexure IX).

Joint IP

Any revenue proceeds from the commercialization of joint IP would be shared between KIET in the ratio of 60:40. In the event, provisional and complete patent filling expenses shall be shared 50:50 by both the party and ownership will be jointly in the name of KIET & the inventor.