Department of International Relations and Public Relations


The Department of International Relations and Public Relations at KIET Engineering College is a pivotal arm of the institution dedicated to fostering effective communication, building strategic partnerships, and cultivating a global perspective within the KIET community. It was established in 2021 to assist and serve KIET Group of Institutions by communicating and collaborating with stakeholders and individuals from other areas.

The Department of International Relations is popular among students as a vital component in the education and development of students, equipping them with the skills, perspectives, and connections needed to succeed in a globalized world. The international collaborations and initiatives offered by the department are instrumental in shaping students into well-rounded, culturally-aware individuals. By partnering with universities and institutions worldwide, KIET opens doors for students to experience different academic environments and gain unique insights into their fields of study. Organizing international activities like International Education Awareness week, signing MOU with International Universities, International internships, Foreign Language courses and many such events fosters cultural exchange and language proficiency, which are invaluable skills in an increasingly interconnected world.The emphasis on maintaining high educational standards through strategic alliances with foreign universities ensures that KIET students receive a top-notch education that is on par with global standards. This commitment to excellence prepares students to excel not only in their academic pursuits but also as citizens capable of thriving in diverse and interconnected environments.

The Department of Public Relations role is to create and implement communication strategies that inform the public, clients, staff, investors, and significant individuals about the institute’s beliefs, objectives, and accomplishments. KIET- PR Department plays a crucial role in maintaining and enhancing its reputation, establishing strong relationships with significant stakeholders, strategically communicating key messages, and ensuring a positive and influential presence in the community and media. The department monitors public opinion, identifies potential problems or crises, and takes appropriate measures to mitigate any negative impact by building a promising reputation through transparent and truthful communication. This is essential as it encourages community participation by attending events, supporting social causes, and establishing relationships with community leaders and Organizations.