SDFS Activities

SDFS in collaboration with CODING NINJAS had organized an orientation session on “Roadmap to Crack Product Based Companies" on 08-April-2022

All Students of B. Tech third year/second year and MCA first year were invited to attend the same. A total of 180 Students were present at the event across all the branches. At the start of the session, Mr. Prashant Agrawal, Addl Head CCIP shared the importance of the competitive coding practices as daily practices. He had also introduced the speaker.
Mr. Shantanu had focused on the importance of Data Structure and Algorithms (DSA) in current scenarios, where all product-based companies are looking for young professionals, those who are very good in basic as well as the advanced concept of DSA. He has also advised all the students that everyone should do at least one competitive coding problem on a daily basis.
At the end of the session, there was a Q/A round, around 25 different questions were asked by students, Mr. Shantanu handle all the quarries and satisfy the students.
As the best practice of any event, SD&FS conducted online feedback to know the impact of the program. A total of 178 students have participated and more than 150 students scale the session from 8 to 10.
In the last CCIP-SD&FS put a vote of thanks to the Coding Ninja Team and its business development manager Mr. Deepankar Raj Malik for coordinating the event from their side and the Team of ITSS for their technical support.
In the future, CCIP-SD&FS will come up with more such types of programs

Note: recording is available at following link Roadmap to Crack Product Based Companies-20220408_172935-Meeting Recording.mp4.

Program on the topic “Software Industry impact on IT and what kind of work TCS does: an exposure on the current trends of the software industry” by TCS at KIET on 19-Feb-2022

SDFS(Skill Development and Finishing School), a wing of KIET Group of Institutions organized, a one and half hour program on the topic “Software Industry impact on IT and what kind of work TCS does: an exposure on the current trends of the software industry” by TCS at KIET on February 19, 2022(Saturday). The program had been organized in online mode on Microsoft Team Platform. It started at 11 am on February 19, 2022, to provide understanding for kind of work TCS is involved and as well as for imparting knowledge about the industrial expectations from academia. It was required to be understood by academicians for synchronizing their efforts in accordance with the industrial expectations. It was designed to fill the gap between industry and academia. There were two guest speakers viz. Mr Sandip Brahamchary and Mr Vivek. Both were quite experienced professionals from TCS.

The event coordinated Ms. Pankaj Dhupar, Additional Head CRPC. Dr. Anil Kumar Ahlawat, Dean-Academics, KIET Group of Institutions welcomed Mr Rajit Sikka, Head Academic Relation, North India, TCS by presenting welcome bouquet through digital mode. Mr Sandip Brahamchary, Sr Data Professional, TCS was also welcomed by Dr. Adesh Kumar Pandey, Dean-ITS by offering the bouquet digitally. Such innovative use of digital platform for welcoming the guests impressed everyone, including our respected guests, which found mention in the address of the guests as well. After welcoming the guests with digital bouquets, Dean Academics Dr. Anil K Ahlawat briefed the digital gathering through his welcome address with his ever-inspiring motivational words. This followed with the introduction of respected guests by Dr. Ajay Kumar Shrivastava, Head- SDFS. Dr Adesh Kumar Pandey, Dean ITS had also address the gathering with his kind words.

Session started with the address of Mr Sandip Brahamchary He mainly focused on current trends running in the industry. He elaborated the concerned knowledge in wonderful manner to motivate listeners, mainly faculty members from KIET group of Institutions. He also explained the SDN while contrasting its role in telecom sector. Apart from that he tried to make audience understand how they can groom the students for the same. The aptness of the lecture was visible through the positive response from the audience clearly showing that it was being well received and it was obvious that the purpose of the lecture to benefit both industry and academia was well served.

After the session, some good questions were asked by the faculty members. Overall, the entire session proved a great help for those who are willing to have their future in the intended fields of discussion, which got mentioned at the end of the session in vote of thanks delivered by Dr. Vineet Sharma (HOD-CSE). More than 70 members of faculty from different Departments were benefitted from the event.

Such all events become possible with the blessings of Dr. (Col) A Garg (Director, KIET Group of Institutions) and Dr. Manoj Goel (Joint Director, KIET Group of Institutions). Success of such events is always taken care of by the Management (KIET Group of Institutions).