About Us


The significance of soft skills in the contemporary world has led to the establishment of the Humanities and Social Science Department, formerly known as the Soft Skills Centre, acting as a USP of KIET Group of Institutions. The fusion of the Soft skills connoisseurs and English language professionals has successfully contributed to the formation of the department. The department has been formalized in the month of July, 2018 whereas the foundation stone of the department was laid in 2012. The consistent rise in the employability of the students is an insignia of the achievements of the department.



Currently it comprises of 15 revered members with their corpus of knowledge and enriching experience in their respective fields. The members of the department hail from the diverse areas of Sciences, Management, Commerce, Psychology, English literature and language. The existence and efficiency of the department is dependent on the collaborative endeavors of the united team.


The department has been formed with an objective of contributing to the holistic development of the students of KIET Group of institutions with an insightful focus on the attitude, employability skills, and knowledge with an acumen in English language, grammar and linguistics contributing to the needs of our nation meeting the emerging international trends.


The departmental scope is not restricted to the personalities and performances of the students only but also to the efficiency and effectiveness of the staff and faculty fraternity of the KIET Group of Institutions.