International Relations


It was an extraordinary experience. The most important thing that happened was the international exposure and flavour. Living with people of different nationalities changed my outlook towards their nations considerably. Curriculum wise speaking, I learnt a lot of things in my field and from international experts! I was awarded certificates by the organization and from the start-up I worked for.

Nikhil Verma

(Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, III year)

It was an incredible journey of learning and self-growth. I can hardly find words to describe my experience in a way that would do it justice. I learnt a lot about sustainable development and it greatly altered my actions and made them ecologically constructive. It was the chance of a lifetime and I would strongly encourage everyone to try it once.


(Dept of Civil Engineering, II year)

This experience gave me an international exposure and a wonderful new perspective. When you're a representative of your country in another country with other 15 countries members, it was like you're sitting in United Nations.

Arpit Poonia

(Dept of Civil Engineering, II year)

What I love about KIET Group of Institute (by & large this applies across all India) is friendship and ability to share sentiments besides scientific opinions. I like people I met at the conference /Institute and I hope this visit can establish a legacy.

Thank You !

Marco Campi


This is my first visit to KIET Ghaziabad.

I am impressed by the level of enthusiasm and passion among students and faculty members for achieving excellence in research and education in various Engineering disciplines.

They have already achieved a lot and are well on their way to further rise in the future.

Vivek De