Aayush Shukla

I was given this opportunity at AVL because of my profile which I built during my college days.

In my four years, I started a club named KIET Electric Vehicle Club (KeV Club), in which our team successfully made KeV First Leaf (Solar e-rickshaw) which got appreciation from various renowned personalities of various universities as well as from the Union Minister of MSME.

Aayush Shukla, EN ,2014-18
Placed In : Power Train Engineer AVL Technical Centre, Gurugram

Abhay Gupta

It's been a great and wonderful 4 year journey with KIET in the EN Department.

The department has wonderful Faculty and staff and they are helpful & co-operative with students. The training and placement cell is awesome. With the help of the department and T&P cell, I got placed in HUL with a good package. I'm very grateful to have been a part of KIET especially, the EN Dept.

Abhay Gupta, EN Department ,2014 - 2018
Placed In : Hindustan Unilever Limited

Ajay Kumar

We are executing several type of technical work because of the efforts of our beloved teachers...feel very proud to be a part of EN Dept. of KIET.

I completed my engineering in Electrical and Electronics branch (2002-2006) and I feel that KIET groomed me technically and professionally, because of my education in KIET , I am able to put up my technical thoughts in front of senior officers of UPPTCL and in Ministry of Defence.

Ajay Kumar, EN ,2002-2006,
Placed In : Agni Automation and Security

Ankit Dubey

I am extremely grateful to the EN Deptt., management and staff of KIET for their tireless efforts to ensure a bright and prosperous future for us.

The deep faith in the dictum "own reaction's to, observations about and understanding of something are more important than someone else's opinion about it"; , became the cornerstone of Krishna Institute of Engineering and Technology , and this cherished conviction inspired and guided me.

Ankit Dubey, EN ,2011-2015
Placed In : Organization-Reliance Jio Infocom limited

Gaurav Aggarwaal

My degree from KIET has given me the potential and confidence to take up my career.

The Electrical and Electronics Engineering department gave me a strong foundation level to pursue challenges in different levels. The strategic problem solving, application of logic and reasoning in the lab classes has helped me progress in a wide perspective. My advice for students who want to consider taking up Electrical and Electronics Engineering would be that, they must always participate all activities, project-related assignments, workshops, etc.
I shall always be thankful to God for enabling me to give this wonderful opportunity of graduating from KIET.

Gaurav Aggarwaal, EN ,2006-2010
Placed In : Innodata

Harsh Gupta

KIET is one of the most preferred  destinations in North India Region and I feel very proud to be the part of KIET.

Mine was the first batch of KIET. I had taken admission in EN Deptt. in 1998 and received the technical knowledge and value based education from there which lead me to a successful life. The 4 years journey of KIET will always be the most memorable and life changing experience for me.

Harsh Gupta, EN ,1998-2002
Placed In : LIS, Christchurch , New Zealand

Ms. Sarika Awasthi

The department focuses on development of an individual at all levels. The rich plethora of faculties ensures our students to keep themselves at par with the premier institutes of the state.

Civil engineering department aims to nurture the efficiencies of our students and transform them into the responsible and dedicated civil engineers of tomorrow.

Ms. Sarika Awasthi, Civil Engineering ,2008-12
Placed In : Uttar Pradesh PWD (AE)

Mr.Nitesh Bhardwaj

KIET has come a long way from being just an institution to being a legacy today. The culture, faculties, intellectual capital and ambience of the institution has been encouraging all throughout my journey in the campus.

The sheer dedication of faculties and students alike bear testimony to the fact that over the years, KIET has turned into an embodiment of innovation and creation. Looking forward to contribute as much as possible to its ascent, I wish great success to my Alma matter in every undertaking.

Mr.Nitesh Bhardwaj, Civil Engineering ,2010-14
Placed In : KIET Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad

Pawan Goswami

I am very glad to share you that I have completed my B.Tech degree from the renowned K.I.E.T Ghaziabad in year 2005.

Presently I am working with IOCL as a Project Manager. The days which I have spent in Krishna institute of technology was very awesome. Those days was full of rejoice and I have learnt lot of things in this institute I am very thankful to all my faculties and management of this institute to give me the opportunity to to learn and go-ahead. Thanks!

Pawan Goswami, ME
Placed In : IOCL as a Project Manager

Upendra Chaudhary

KIET as an institute has contributed immensely in my professional career.

I am working as a manager in BHEL. The learning at the institute during engineering has always helped me in pursuance of my professional goals. The various experiences at kiet was life defining and the relationship between the faculties and students was like a family.As an proud alumni, I am still in touch with institute and it would be a privilage for me to contribute in any way in the success story of the institute.I am a proud kietian and shall always be the one.

Upendra Chaudhary, ME
Placed In : BHEL as Manager

Nikita Agarwal

My tenure at KIET School of Management has been one of the happiest in my life.

I had the opportunity of learning from the best and my takeaways include not only business knowledge, but life lessons as well. Thanks to all my faculties and friends for making my tenure memorable.

Nikita Agarwal, MBA ,2010-12
Placed In : Entrepreneur

Sumit Jain

My student life at KIET had so many ups and downs but it was truly amazing. I completed my bachelors from Information & Technology department in 2014.

The department has supportive seniors and faculty, quality education and real-world experiences. The growth I have seen in myself due to KIET, is invaluable and because of that today I am able to achieve my dream. It has taught me things far beyond bookish knowledge and helped me broaden my horizons. The best part of KIET is they provide full support to students who wants to do much more than curriculum. KIET has TBI (Technology Business Incubator) and it provides access to office space to students who want to pursue entrepreneurship.

All in all KIET provides every student exactly what they need for life. Proud to be a Kietian!

Sumit Jain, IT ,2010- 2014
Placed In : Co-Founder of Parkwheels

Aman Srivastava

The campus is beautiful and full of limitless opportunities. It’s been a privilege to be a part of this esteemed college.

Throughout my 4 years of engineering at 'Krishna Institute of engineering and technology, Ghaziabad, I had countless opportunities to develop analytical skills, leadership and proactive thinking through various events such as literary, technical and cultural fests both at department and institute level. These attributes were the key reasons behind my successful placement with 'Tata Consultancy  Services'. The faculty members are helpful, open and supportive specially in our IT department. 

Aman Srivastava, IT ,2012- 2016
Placed In : Tata Consultancy Services

Jhalak Mittal

A great reverence for the institution, that taught me the fundamentals for a great career and life.

Jhalak Mittal, ECE ,2015
Placed In : Engineer at Qualcomm

Aman mittal

KIET group of institutions ghaziabad, educates students in a very creative way and it even encouraged me to think out of the box.

I found that method of teaching is different. The faculty members and staff are really helpful. They make sure that the student should be comfortable and progress well in their lives. 

Aman mittal, ECE ,2013
Placed In : IPS officer

Nakul Garg

I am extremely thankful to all the faculties of KIET for all the endless support they gave me.

The Four wonderful years of KIET left me with so many memories and specially the technical core knowledge earned there helped me paving a way for my future goals.

Nakul Garg, ECE ,2014
Placed In : Engineer in GAIL India limited

Jatin Goswami

As far as, i know group of institutions ghaziabad is the college which imparts education as per the need of present competitive environment.

KIET group of institutions ghaziabad is an institution where the emphasis is given on overall development of the student with much priority to industrial visits, guest lecturers and personality development classes so that gradutes can lead the world. 

Jatin Goswami, ECE ,2017
Placed In : Analyst in Amazon India

Anjali Singhal

Being a Kietian gives me a feeling of respect.
When i took admission here i thought it wil take a long time to complete my post graduation, But the day i get involved in the course i forgot life other than college. The whole staff worked very hard for our college, For our placement and efforts pays off. Thanks to the whole team. Everytime in my office i got new task, i remind the lessons taught by our great teachers.
I want to spread a message among my Juniors is "Never chase the marks, Chase the intelligence" Success will come to you in surprising way. it is 100% true.
It is great to be a KIETIAN and you will find so much Kietians in every great organizations at every great designations. so Best of Luck All the Best.

Anjali Singhal, MCA
Placed In : Optech Limited

Mayank Sharma

Three Years in kiet was a small journey of my life but was the precious one of my life. No tree can stand in storm if they does not have strong roots. I always will be thankful to all my teachers and my friends of kiet to make me strong. Even after seeing many failure they made me believe in me. The best thing I learnt from these three years, never afraid from failure. Many of us have fear of failure. Might be we all failed once or more in life but these failure turn into success when we learn from them. We all have dreams but only few of us achieve them. We faces many failure and hurdles, even they make us slower but I heard from somewhere that does not matter how slow you go unless you stop. At last I just want to share one thing to all my friends based on my experience that "Your mind is limitless. Keep learning, always remember if you learn more you earn more and when you earn more you not only fulfill your dreams but helps others to get their dreams as well."

Mayank Sharma, MCA ,2013-2016
Placed In : Chetu India Pvt Ltd

Sugam Dixit

The most memorable time of my life was the time I became a part of KIET. I am proud of each and every moment spent there. I got enrolled in KIET back in the year 2013 in MCA. Throughout my time in college it had not only increased my academic skills however it had also helped me enhancing my interpersonal and professional skills which is helping me every single day in my career growth.

Though I was only an average student in my school time, however KIET transformed me completely to a successful individual and for that I shall always be thankful and grateful to all my Faculty members for helping me always. Apart from studies I am fond of Extra-Curricular Activities and I love doing the same.

My experience at KIET has always been and will always be very special throughout my life journey. I want to take a moment and thank KIET along with the Faculty members for enriching my skill set to achieve my dreams and to become successful individual in my career and life.

Sugam Dixit, MCA ,2013-2016
Placed In : Omnist Techhub Solutions Private Limited

Aakash Bais

I am a KIETIAN and I am proud of it. I enrolled in KIET back in 2013 in MCA and it has been 3 years since I graduated. Through my years in college, I have acquired great skills which helped me in progressing my career. Though I was not a good student, KIET MCA transformed me from a student to an employee; the faculty helped me to improve my professional skills. Apart from studies I was fond of photography, I have captured so many beautiful memories those were very close to my heart. After graduating from KIET, I got an opportunity in a company as a MEAN Stack developer and worked there for a while. Currently, I am the founder of a successful tech service startup. I want to take a moment and thank my college for enriching me with a good skill set to achieve my dream to start a successful career. I wish all the very best to all my teachers and staff and wish all the best to my alma mater.

Aakash Bais, MCA ,2013-2016
Placed In : Omnist Techhub Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Siddarth Raghuvanshi

As an alumna of KIET, I realized how our college helped us hone our skills and personality in order to present our best selves to the corporate world outside. Just like a bird who cannot fly without its wings, similarly a student cannot fulfill their goals without the support and guidance of his teachers. Although it has been 2 years since I have passed the college still feels the same with the continuous support of teachers and other staff members. I am very thankful to my teachers for their guidance, support and the immense knowledge that they have passed on to me and feel proud to be a part of KIET Alumni. My best wishes will always be with the college and respected teachers. My Achievements @KIET: Judge at Epoque 2019 for Nukkad & Skit, Team Member of KIET ERP Team, member of team, 2 Prize in Declamation at Dept Level, 2nd Prize in Foot Loose at dept level, photography at various events (Frescos, spicmacy, technical conference, Alumina meet and many more)

Siddarth Raghuvanshi, MCA ,2013-2016
Placed In : Wipro. (Now in All E Technologies)

Pooja Mishra

The best life time experience I had in my life is the time I spent in KIET. I cherish all the moments spent there as special moments of my life. I became a part of KIET back in the year 2013 in MCA. KIET had always been the special place for me to groom myself a better Student, a better Person, a better Professional and above all a better Human Being.

I was a very shy personality initially, however during my stay at KIET my Faculties helped me to polish my interpersonal and professional skills which helped me to became a successful career oriented person in my life. Additional to academics I had always loved travelling in different cities and exploring the different cultures. Currently, I am the QA Lead of a Successful organization at DLT Labs Private Limited.

I will always be thankful to KIET along with all my Faculty members for always being there and helping me for whatever I am today into my professional grounds. Thanks a Ton everyone for being a part of my life and all will be remembered always throughout my life.

Pooja Mishra, MCA ,2013-2016
Placed In : DLT Labs Private Limited

Anoop Jain

Current Position: Lady Davis Postdoctoral Fellow,

                             Faculty of Aerospace Engineering

                             Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Israel


I recall my wonderful past four years (2005-2009) at KIET towards my undergraduate studies at the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department. I really learnt a lot in these four years @ KIET from my teachers and friends on both academic and personal levels. It gives me the pride to thank Neeraj sir and Jyoti ma’am for their continuous support and motivation, which helped me a lot to shape my future journey. Although many things have changed over time, it gives me a great feeling whenever I visit my Alma Mater and recall such a wonderful time with my teachers and friends. In the past few years, KIET has achieved global attention due to its excellence in research and technology, and I feel proud to be a part of this community

Anoop Jain, Electrical and Electronics

Abhay Pratap Singh 

Designation: SDO

Organization:  Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation 

Location- Gorakhpur

I would like to thanks all the faculty members for their support and sincere guidance throughout the journey of 4 year and KIET gives me the essential platform to achieve my goals.

Abhay Pratap Singh , Electrical and Electronics Engineering , 2011-15
Placed In : Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation

Saransh Bansal

  Student at Symbiosis Institute of 

  Business Management, Bengalauru(M.B.A)

   Formmer: Programmer Analyst at Cognizant Technology



KIET is one of the leading Engineering institutes in Uttar Pradesh. I am glad that I had my professional foundation built in KIET(2010-2014). The learning at this institute was tremendous be it personal or technical education, it has always added values in my life and career. The pedagogy, peer learning, cultural activities, workshops and projects are some of the key features of Electrical Engineering department and apparantely of KIET as well. Also the idea of alumni interaction on regular basis is wonderful and today even after 5 years of passout from the college, still I feel attached to the college

Saransh Bansal, EN
Placed In : Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Bengalauru(M.B.A)

Kunwar Abhay Singh

Designation: Assistant Manager 

I am feeling privileged to tell you that I have been selected as Grade A Officer in Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) Govt. Of India,  which is one of the top organizations of our country which regulate India's economy and financial market along side Reserve Bank of India (RBI), with AIR 19.


As any success is an outcome of past learnings am thankful to my department which taught me professionalism and helped me to be better prepared for life challenges.

Thank you once again.

Kunwar Abhay Singh, EN
Placed In : Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

Yash Mathur.

Organization: Panasonic Life Solutions India pvt. Ltd

Designation: Sr. Engineer-Manufacturing

Respected Hod Sir

KIET has played an instrumental role in shaping my present as a successful professional in the industry.

Throughout 4 years of engineering, Electricals and Electronics department not only provided the necessary technical knowhow but through the holistic teaching practices contributed in my 360 degree development technical vis a vis personal.

By providing ample opportunities in perhaps every perceivable sphere be it technical learnings, soft skills or sociocultural skills, I wish KIET continues to generate qualities necessary to stand out in the current competing scenario.

Proud to be an alum of such premier institution.

Yash Mathur., EN

Love Jain

Designation: AM - Business Development


Dear Respected Faculty Members,

Thank you for this wonderful initiative and for providing us with a wonderful platform to share our memories with KIET and EN department in particular.

It is often believed that your Alma Mater goes a long way in shaping the course of your entire career. KIET provided an ideal platform for me to learn, lead and grow in my future endeavors.

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the hard work of all our Professors, Faculty and Support Staff of EN department in their relentless pursuit to make every student excel in their careers. The wonderful 4 years at KIET will forever remain very close to each and every alum's heart.

Love Jain, EN
Placed In : Icon Resources, Singapore

Anurag Singh

Designation: Systems Engineer


Hi Sir,

Currently, I am working in Infosys as Systems Engineer in Mumbai. I handle Data Migration for Bank of Baroda E-banking  project. Lot of things changed just after college. But overall, it was for good.

About college, that 4 years were best days of my life. The one professor about whom I still talk with my friends is Dr SKT Sir! 

Well, he scolds the most, but in end we all loved him the most. Being alumni of one of the top most college of Delhi-NCR, I really feel very proud to be part of it and I would love to see it become one of the best college in India in coming years.


Thanks & Regards

Anurag Singh, EN
Placed In : Infosys

Shikha Saini

Designation: IRSEE(P) (IES)

Respected Sir,

This is
ShikhaSaini, ALUMNI 2012 (B.Tech, EN ,2008-2012).I wish to describe my journey of four years in EN,KIET.I joined KIET, one of the top 5 college in year 2008 of UPTU with great expectation and what I got after completing my graduation was much more than what i have expected in first year. This was all due to the conducive environment of KIET.I would like to give details of my Journey Year wise...

FIRST YEAR-  Support from faculty in understanding the curriculum of Engineering and study pattern is immense and outstanding in first year and the transition from school life to college life was smooth.

SECOND YEAR- This was the year when I was introduced to the core syllabus of the branch which i have selected. One thing which i want to emphasise here is, that selection of EN instead of EE by college administration is very wise decision as, syllabus of EN( and not EE) matches with question level of reputated exams like CSE,ESE etc.

THIRD YEAR-In this year too, Faculty support through theory and practicals helped me to enhance further my grip on core subjects.

Shikha Saini, EN
Placed In : Indian Railways

Arnab Banerjee

Designation: GET- Electrical

Dear Sir, 

KIET has played a major role in my life for letting me be what I am today! Not, only did it give me memories to cherish upon throughout my life but also lessons which have made me a complete industry fit tackling daily tasks with ease and calmness.

I am currently working as GET-Electrical in the world's 4th largest Carbon Black Manufacturing unit "Continental Carbon India Limited" a part of CSRC group, Taiwan. I look after the maintenance and operations of 75,000 mt production unit and 15MW WHRPP at CCIL, Ghaziabad unit 

Arnab Banerjee, EN
Placed In : Continental Carbon

Himani Srivastava


Designation: Software Engineering Analyst

Respected Hod Sir

KIET is one of the Premier Institute of Uttar Pradesh. It is among the Top 5 Private Engineering Institutes of UP. I feel very proud to be the part of the institute which has been the changing phase of my life. I learned the technical as well as value based education from there which helped a lot in my career and a successful life. It has been a great 4-year journey in the college making various memories all though its path. It is one of the most memorable journeys of my life and I will cherish it forever.

Himani Srivastava
Placed In : Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Sahil jain

Hi Sir

KIET is one of the premier institute of North India region ,started my engineering in electrical and electronics branch and I feel that KIET is an institution who taught me how to deal with the situation and I feel very proud to be a part of KIET. I got the technical and value based education from there which lead me to a successful life so therefore after engineering I helped myself in starting my own company ‘GENIX LITE SOLUTION‘(Manufacturing of LED lightning products and developing solar solutions) .It has been a great milestone of my career. These 4 years journey of KIET will always be the most memorable, wonderful, marvelous and life changing phase of my life.

Sahil jain, EN
Placed In : Genix Lite Solution

Amishi Gupta

Designation: Software Quality Analyst

Respected Sir

I completed my graduation in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from KIET college, one of the best private colleges in the state(UP). I am currently working as an IT professional. Looking back, it’s been 4 years I passed out of college and KIET has helped me grow technically and professionally. The faculty of EEE dpt. was always helpful throughout college. The technical and extra-curricular activities organized by the EN department have always encouraged us to develop skills and ability to face the industry post college. The constant efforts of the faculty and management of KIET helps the students to learn and grow better. I will always cherish being a KIETan.

Amishi Gupta, EN
Placed In : Genpact

Manish Shah

17th August 2003 - I exactly remember the day I stepped in to Ghaziabad with plenty of dreams  to shape up my life and KIET laid a firm foundation and a strong core to provide these young dreams a right direction. The basics of technology learned here under the valuable guidance of the best faculty Prashant Sir, Arun Sir under the lights of leadership of Sandhu Sir and Ajay Sharma Sir laid a strong core foundation which enabled me to take any professional challenge in life even under the most adverse situations.

I had an amazing 3 years of my life which people refer as a "College Life". All the memories of fun and frolic, all the good times here still brings a smile on my face when I think of those events in life.

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

Manish Shah, MCA ,2003-2006
Placed In : Amdocs Development Centre India Limited, Gurgaon

Ashutosh Singh

I had started my journey of MCA with KIET in 2006 to 2009.I had enjoyed every moment of my college life. Specially back benches of college.Yes,I am also the part of back bencher's club.

As usual we generally have some doubt and fears when we are going to enter in some new atmosphere. I was also.But once I had stepped in KIET and started my MCA journey that never feel again.

KIET helped me to explore new technologies as well as overall personality.This is the place where you can put your ideas and shape your ideas.

Yes,Faculty members are amazing they are always ready to help you out of box. It is either your study,your project work or any other extra activity.

I will also appreciate  KIET management which also have vital role to shape our carriers.

In last I can say My Journey To Success belongs to KIET.

Thank you KIET

Ashutosh Singh, MCA ,2006 - 2009
Placed In : Genpact- Head Strong Capital Market Noida (Lead Consultant)


My journey began in the year 2004, when I joined KIET Group of Institutions, I loved the culture and the attention I received from a very good faculty. They supported me, stood by me, applaud me. This gave me quality to trust in myself.

KIET helped me to reach my goal and make me quite capable of working at big organizations like IBM, Sapient, and currently holding a position in a creative and innovative organization like Monotype.

Today I feel very proud to be alumni of KIET Group of Institutions with a strong belief that – “ I am in competition with myself, my GOAL is to beat my last performance.

Deepak, MCA ,2004-2007

Shri Prakash Shikariwal

I joined KIET post graduate program “Master in Computer Application” after pursuing graduation degree in Environmental Science. Having no acquaintance with computer H/W and S/W, was a challenge to grasp the technology at faster pace. KIET offered opportunity to learn the concepts aptly through theory and practical sessions. Computer lab remained available to students 24*7, it gave flexibility to work on theory assignments and application(practical) assignments.

KIET offered academic excellence that includes not only innovation, leadership, project implementation & management and interdisciplinary research, but also problem solving, communication/ working in teams, ethics, creativity and resiliency – all of which are lifelong learning traits that enable success in my carrier.

KIET summer programs offered opportunity working in teams to design, test, and build products and improved processes – a truly hand-on/applied, and in some instances real-world, educational experience.

KIET scholarship program was unique and best to keep motivation at highest level among students.

Shri Prakash Shikariwal, MCA ,1999-2002
Placed In : DALLAS, TX, USA

Gaurav Singh

KIET is the place which helped me to fulfill my dreams. I had chosen KIET over government institute because of its infrastructure, library (with many resources and books available not in academics but in almost every field) and facilities and this I am talking about 13 years ago, since then KIET has grown by leaps and bounds and it has best infrastructure, library and services available to the students in town.

I owe a lot my success to KIET, ever friendly and supportive faculties (Prashant sir, Ritu mam, Srikant sir, Vandana mam and many others) who were easily approachable and guided me throughout my journey in KIET. Dr. Ajay Sharma and Prof. Sandhu had extended their support for the launch of first MCA portal (MCADIT). I had joined KIET with an open mind and to shape my life. KIET has given me a life, life time friends, life time lessons and many life time moment to cherish on.

KIET provides the overall atmosphere for one to be a successful person, its students onus to grab the opportunities with both hands and utilize it to their best potential. I would be humbly honored if we can setup any mechanism to connect (forums, Skype and virtual meetings periodically ) and can contribute to fellow KIETians and similar thoughts, many other KIETIANs do have so.

Accomplishment can be seen as the process to become successful and with every accomplished goal you take a step towards prosperity and a life full of success. To me, success means to have a goal, plan the steps to achieve the goal, implement the plan, finally achieve the goal in time bound manner and move on. Many goals are achieved and many more are still waiting, both on personal and professional front.

I started my journey in KIET with “Hello World” program and closing with “Salute to KIET, Keep raising the bar.” A proud alumni of KIET 

Gaurav Singh, MCA ,2003-2006
Placed In : Accenture (Dallas, USA)

Durgesh Gupta

"When I reflect on my Four years in the Krishna Institute of engineering and technology, B.pharma program, I conclude that the experience not only made me a better and efficient , but also prepared me in unpredictable ways for my career. Through workshops, projects with incredibly supportive classmates, and professors who were nothing short of champions,

I was challenged to discover a voice I didn’t know I had. That voice has played a central role in my work,  I, now work in the world most reputable pharmaceutical company - SANOFI AVENTIS INDIA as a Scientific sales Executive. Proud to be a part of healthcare industry like SANOFI INDIA.

Now days working on a project called Patient centric approach in Diabetes- Awareness program. 

I am very thankful to the KIET, Ghaziabad for nurturing me and providing support always.

I developed during my time at KIET. It was a wonderful time in my life, and the best educational experience I’ve had."

Durgesh Gupta, BPharma ,2013-2017

Shivam Swarup

My education at KIET School of Pharmacy provided me the tools to succeed in professional career. I learned here the use of technology as a strategic element to serve mankind.

I gained more confidence in myself while studying at KSOP, regardless of the subjects, be it at work, life or social. I now look at issues from a different perspective.

Shivam Swarup, BPharma
Placed In : Senior research scientist, Dabur, India


I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to KSOP for making me the person I am today. All credit goes to the faculty and staff without which I wouldn’t be able to crack my GPAT exam. Their immense experience and guidance is the reason I scored such a good all India rank and now I’m pursuing M.Pharm. KIET is without doubt the best institute in which one can enroll in for shaping their future.

DEV JAIN, B.PHARM ,2013-2017

Rajat Rastogi

Collage days,Most unforgettable and fruitful days in my life.In the first year, I still remember that i did not appear in my first sessional exams due to home sickness.I was not prepared to live far from home and concentrate on my studies.It took me a while to prepare my self and join again and since then here i am writing about my collage.

I am highly indebted to the entire KIET family, in particular, Dept. of Computer Applications for helping me achieve great heights in those three years.
The friendly environment, the systematic approach towards imparting education at KIET made me a competent individual. KIET has successfully accomplished its promises and objectives in providing quality education and overall development of all its students.

Wishing all the luck to all the Students. Have a great future ahead and do not worry you all are in safe hands.

Rajat Rastogi, MCA ,2010
Placed In : Technical Lead(Salesforce), Cognizant Technology solutions.

Akshay Awasthi

I am really very thankful to the KIET Group of Institutions from the bottom of my heart for enhancing my knowledge and skills at the right time. KIET played a major role in my life. I have shared this thought about this college with my very closed ones as well as faculty members. Now I am well-settled and enjoying a decent lifestyle. This is not a testimonial but something from my heart that I always wanted to say. 

I joined KIET with multiple life goals and high expectations of family. I wanted to do many things and was confused among so many options. I involved myself in multiple other activities in college. I thought I could manage everything. 

However, my technical skills were not up to mark. I realized something more than academics is required to keep the energy levels high. I visited the KIET page and got to know about the counselling cell. In the beginning, I was a little bit hesitant.

I pushed myself to visit this college because of the thought that this is the college where I can achieve something. However, after counselling, I felt that I had a different kind of enthusiasm. There was no more chaos.

Now I think KIET is one of the best engineering colleges and the students here get numerous opportunities to enhance their skills as well as participate in extracurricular activities.

Lastly, I want to tell you that faculty members at KIET are also very considerate and supportive. They regularly motivate the students for innovation and skill development.

Thanks to KIET for being a part of my life.

Akshay Awasthi, MCA ,2012-2015

Asha Kumari

KIET SCHOOL OF PHARMACY is an Institute I learned to explore academically with the best guidance from all the experienced faculty members.

What to say about KSOP? For sure KIET-KSOP is the best college that I have pursued my both B.Pharm and M.Pharm.  I truly appreciate every single learning experience at the college. The professors here pushes you to utilize your knowledge so you can deeply understand not just memorize. I have socially, academically, and professionally through my experiences for continuous six years. Frankly speaking, I am not only passed through KSOP but KSOP passed through me too and made inscriptions on me that I would love to remember forever.

Asha Kumari, Pharmacy (B.Pharm & M.Pharm) ,2013 -2017 & 2017-2019

Naini Anand

The academic experience with a best infrastructure and excellent faculty at KIET has endured me with a lifelong excellence. My Pharmacy at KIET brought clarity of thought, knoweledge, self-assured, intrepidity and conviction to me and my goals.

I shared my profound gratitude to KIET, it is very significant to be at right place to begin with your career. Academic excellence with overall growth of the person is what institution aims at. The special place wherei found welcoming classmates, engaged faculty, and built-in communication with everyone. The professor gives me high academic knowledge in the field of Pharma and they always motivate to build new set of skill which will help always in continuity through out my life. I was shaped, molded and crafted in the immensefull journey of 4 years. The graduation made me accepted a new set of skills and responsibilities and will be working for more years to living with passion in my life. It is an exciting to share that this institution nutureme as personally as well as professionally.

I feel so glad as i experienced the touch of elegance and the best support by whole team of KIET, thank you so much to be a part of wonderful journey.

Naini Anand, Pharmacy ,2015-2019

Reetu Singh

KIET SCHOOL OF PHARMACY (KSOP) is an institute where the excellence is achieved by the students with their hard work and dedication in overall development. It is much beyond than just an institution, it is a way of life. Here, students get opportunity to interact with experienced and highly qualified faculty members.

My 6 years at KSOP had probably been the best of my life. I had been actively involved in many activities and fests through those years. I had very inspiring seniors as well as respectful juniors, and lovely classmates.

The years spent at KSOP have been the first of many things for me. Participating in events, volunteering, working on different projects beyond the given syllabus, being the member of the fest committee, having a broad spectrum of friends and acquaintances are some of the highlights. The faculty has been supportive and encouraging. Overall, the pharmacy life has been very smooth for me at KSOP. I am blessed that I am the part of KSOP.

Reetu Singh, Pharmacy ,2012-2016 (B.pharm) and 2016- 2018 (M.pharm)
Placed In : institute of pharmacyGreater Noida

Chhavi Aggarwal

My life at KIET School of Pharmacy is truly memorable. I am thankful to all the faculty members and staff for their continuous support in shaping my carrier. The infrastructure at KSOP is excellent, here well experienced and qualified faculties are very supportive and guides the students. Regular classes held to keep updated with the aptitude and technical skills on regular basis. The events and extra co-curriculum activities plays a vital role in the overall development.

Chhavi Aggarwal, Pharmacy ,2015-19

Jatin Jawla

KSOP- It's not the place, it's the people. 

KSOP gives an opportunity for students to broaden their horizons of knowledge with a multicultural environment. The friendly attitude of the professors and their willingness to always offer a helping hand has always made me feel a part of the KSOP family. The 4 years I spent here were splendid and they've helped me grow better professionally and personally. 

Jatin Jawla, Pharmacy ,2015-2019