Academic Quality and Standards

KIET Group of Institutions is not only proud of its NAAC Accreditation and NBA Accreditation for most of its courses but also keeps a constant vigil on maintaining high quality education through its IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell – established as a post-accreditation quality sustenance measure), which operates under the Dean – Academics Office with the able guidance of the Director and Joint Director.

Adherence to NBA standards is maintained by following an in-house NBA Manual and implementing the BLOOM’s Taxonomy across all the courses in the institute. The fulfilment of Course Outcomes (COs), Program Outcomes (POs) or graduate attributes, and Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) are paid special attention in conjunction with Bloom’s Taxonomy when the faculty and staff members teach, train or evaluate the students so that the students develop as contributing professionals ready to face this rapidly evolving world.

The implementation of Bloom’s Taxonomy in KIET Group of Institutions attempts to divide learning into three types of domains – cognitive, affective and behavioural, thereby defining the level of performance for each domain. Conscious efforts are being made to map the curriculum and assessment to these levels which assists the programs being run in our institute to aim for higher-level abilities that go beyond remembering & understanding, and require application, analysis, evaluation and/or creation. Bloom’s Taxonomy is a popular, hierarchical framework that requires the attainment of lower level skills before learning at the higher levels, and its use in engineering education is to structure the assessment according to complexity and high-order abilities.