The modern education industry consists of training and organized instruction, by professionals, with respect to systematic curricula and pedagogy. These days education needs to respond to the demands of Industry 4.0 or the fourth industrial revolution, where man & machine align and enable each other to deliver outcomes.

To achieve excellence in technical education and create competent professionals for industry and socio-economic development to meet National and International needs is the vision of KIET Group of Institutions, and towards this we are creating a new vision for learning, wherein it is more important to know why you need knowledge or a skill and where to find it, rather than cramming the students head full of obsolescence. The major factors of education 4.0 are anywhere-anytime learning, personalized, flexible delivery, comprising of peers & mentors (role of faculty), focussing on the why & where, not on the what & how; practical application & project development based on student ownership, so it is evaluated but not examined.

The unique attribute of KIET is that it instils in its students an attitude to excel in whatever they do and that stimulates it to take steps of eminence and go beyond the curriculum to develop and maintain, not just the skills but also the values engendered in them by the Indian culture.