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CCIP- Competitive Coding Improvement Program, is a new initiative of KIET Group of Institutions for fulfilling the need of current trends in hiring freshers in big IT companies. Nowadays all IT companies are focusing very much on coding skills as well as other skills of students.

Organizational Structure of CCIP Module
The organizational structure of the CCIP module is shown below-


Hierarchical Structure of CCIP module
The hierarchical structure of the CCIP module is shown below


Process of Training Module
The process of training module is shown below-


Role and Responsibility of members - CCIP Module

Role of Resource Person

  • Creating and uploading question set on HackerRank
  • Providing technical guidance to students during doubt clearing sessions
  • Provide technical training to departmental coordinator regarding HackerRank/GitHub/LinkedIn

Role of Respective Department

  • Department will be responsible to record attendance and maintain discipline of the doubt clearing session.
  • The Department will ensure that the students submit their problem solutions on HackerRank, share their code on GitHub and share their learning on LinkedIn.
  • The Department will motivate and ensure the 100% participation of students in coding series as well as doubt clearing session.

Appreciation to students as per their involvement

Training Module

  • Consistency certificates for 100 % participation in throughout the semester
  • Star performer certificates for performing better than average
  • Achiever Certificates for performing best in throughout the semester
  • All certificates will be issued department and semester wise

Competitive Module

  • Top Three students will be awarded by certificates and cash prize at institute level
  • Top Three students will be awarded by certificates and cash prize at department level

CCIP for Session 20-21

  • Introductory classes on Python will be organized by resource persons for core branches for second year students
  • From 4th and 6th semester same CCIP modules can be introduced to all students

Modus Operandi

  • Coding Problems will be published on HackerRank per week.
  • Students should submit the problems on Hacker Rank within given time period.
  • Two lectures per week will be scheduled for doubt clearing session for the problems published in previous week.
  • Students will get the regular attendance for attending the doubt clearing session.