Innovation Center


The Innovation Centre has been set-up to promote innovative work in the Institute to create better, talented, creative and well-rounded engineers. The centre will offer opportunities to augment your theoretical knowledge through a practice based curriculum thereby making you more competitive for the job market.  It will also give an opportunity to connect your innovative work with real world problems / industry needs and will also lead to the creation of market ready projects.

Following are the significant features:

  • Here a core team headed by (Prof) Dr. Sanjeev Yadav with many faculty and students are continuously working in KIET innovation center under the mentorship of Prof. (Dr. K.A.L. Khan), Dean IEC.
  • There are 12 Clubs and each club has a faculty and student coordinator with associates to support them.
  • Each club works independently to achieve the objectives as set by the Innovation Center.
  • The students team under the guidance of faculty coordinator are working on innovative ideas to develop products/services as per the market need and Kiet innovation center also guides and motivates the students to start their own Company/ Start-up with the help of KIET TBI.


This student driven Institute level facility is open for all branches of KIET Group of Institutions. 

Office  : A Block, Room no. 17
Email :

Team Members:
Dr. Sanjeev Yadav, Head Innovation center, email:, mob: 9411808080
Mr. Sachin Rathore, Associate Head Innovation center, email :, mob: 9811283742
Mr. Sanjeev Mallik, mob: 9719666865