Public Relations

About Public Relations

The Department of Public Relations was established in June 2019 with the purpose to serve and support KIET Group of Institutions by communicating & collaborating with our stakeholders and the outside world.

Mission of the PR Department

The mission of the PR Department is to:
  • manage and enrich the institute's reputation, build strong relationships with stakeholders, strategically communicate key messages, and ensure a positive and influential presence in the community and the media.
  • safeguard and strengthen the institute's relationships by monitoring public opinion, identifying potential issues or crises, and implementing proactive strategies to mitigate any negative impact by cultivating a positive image through consistent and transparent communication.
  • connect with the community, participating in community events, supporting social causes, and building relationships with community leaders and organizations.

The PR department is responsible for creating and executing communication strategies that promote the organization's values, goals, and accomplishments to the public, customers, employees, investors, and other key stakeholders. Public relations professionals are responsible for managing these relationships and ensuring that the organization's messages and values are effectively communicated to the public.