Computer Science & Information Technology

Computer Science & Information Technology

The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT) integrates the foundational principles and advanced applications of both Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT). CS encompasses the theoretical underpinnings and practical implementations of computing systems and areas such as algorithms, data structures, programming languages, and computer architecture. It delves into the historical evolution of computers, elucidating their fundamental organization and operational mechanisms.
Concurrently, CSIT embraces the realm of Information Technology (IT), which focuses on leveraging technology to efficiently manage and process information. IT domains covering database management, network administration, cybersecurity, and software development methodologies. The department emphasizes the practical deployment and maintenance of IT systems, ensuring their reliability, security, and optimization across diverse sectors.
Together, CSIT offers a holistic educational experience, fostering expertise in the design, implementation, and management of information systems.


Career Opportunities after B. Tech. Computer Science and Information Technology-

  • Web Developers
  • App Developers(IOS, android and others)
  • Data scientists
  • Software Engineers
  • System Analysts
  • Software Developers
  • DBA (Database Developer and Administrator)
  • Software Testers
  • Data Science Analysts
  • Media & Computer Graphics
  • Cyber Security Managers
  • Chip Designing
  • Defence Organizations
  • Mobile and wireless communication
  • Internet & Telecommunication
  • Academics (Teaching/ Research/Training)
  • PSUs


What should you expect from a degree in CSIT at KIET?-

  • Be a good engineer with ethical values.
  • To apply technical skills to solve the problem of society.
  • To build the career as web developer and data scientists, researcher.
  • To learn and apply the concept of project management.
  • To attain the soft skills for better communication and presentations.
  • Campus placements at top IT companies
  • Learn the latest IT Tools and Technologies from Internationally certified faculties.
  • Get certified by Microsoft Academy, NPTEL, Google and others
  • Get an opportunity for student exchange in a top global university
  • Seminars, presentations, education yours, Guru lectures, SPRINT, summer internships, open electives, clubs, festivals, events and much more.
  • In-house classes by well qualified faculties for GATE, CAT, MAT and others.
  • Apart from the academics we also provide the platform to learn and get certified for foreign languages.


B.Tech in Computer Science & Information Technology

4-Year Full Time Course




CS & IT Classrooms

Well-equipped AC class rooms with smart touch boards, audio system and Internet facilities.

IT LAB 1 & 2

The Lab is equipped with 60 latest Computers.

Cyber Peace Centre

Cyber Peace Centre (Centre of Excellence) was established in February 2022. The center has collaborations/ MOU with the following organizations:
1. CyberSec Consulting, Dubai
2. EC Council
The Cyber Peace Centre(CPC) has attracted many talented students to pursue their interest in exploring the domain of cyber security.