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Sports Infrastructure
Infrastructure and equipment are the backbone of sports. Several empirical studies have established sports as a beneficial activity having a positive impact on the state of health, education and the economy. Realising the benefits of sports in general and sports infrastructure, UGC has released guidelines for developing infrastructure to promote sports in universities and colleges. We have specially developed a sports environment that matches global standards and gives a healthy sports experience to all our students, all of which is provided to students within campus. There are multiple sport facilities to keep our students engaged and physically fit.

Being one of the most popular sports in colleges, basketball is played by a large number of students in the evenings. We have a dedicated basketball coach and a well-equipped sports department to help the budding players in every way they can.

Football cum Hockey Ground
The university campus has a football cum hockey ground with lush green grass for the most widely played and followed sport in the world. An experienced coach assists the team every day.

A religion to most people in India than a sport and for the students of KIET it is no different. The infrastructure related to the game includes a cricket ground with natural turf, pitches, and synthetic practice pitches with flood lights.

KIET has two dedicated grounds with all the amenities for volleyball. Students enjoy this game every day. KIET organises inter-college events each year.

Lawn Tennis
We have setup a standard Lawn tennis ground to make our sports facility meet global standards. It’s amazing to see students enjoying their favourite game of choice.

SSB Training Ground
An SSB training site has been setup to provide students with an exceptional training and experience. We have an ex-serviceman assisting students to gain this skill.

To ensure a sound mind in a sound body, special emphasis is laid on the health and fitness of the students. A modern gym, with all the latest equipment has been set up in the campus.

Indoor Sports Facilities
Every student is encouraged to take active part in at least one outdoor activity. However, along with outdoor games KIET Group of Institutions has set up facilities for indoor games like Table-Tennis, Badminton, Billiards, Chess, Carrom, etc., and league matches are encouraged. We are also planning an inter-college sports tournament to develop the spirit of healthy competition.

Judo and Yoga Training
We have dedicated slots for fitness practices like Judo and Yoga. While Yoga helps to keep the students fit both in mind & body, with Judo, the students learn tricks to safeguard themselves. KIET has a dedicated trainer to help students follow these practices.

Shooting Range
Shooting Sports is a group of competitive and recreational sporting activies involving proficiency tests of  accuracy  , precision and speed in    shooting .