B. Tech. 1st Year & Applied Science

B. Tech. 1st Year & Applied Science

right-arrow-30B.Tech Ist Year Student Induction Programme (2022-23)

right-arrow-30B.Tech Ist Year Student Induction Programme (2023-24)

Students develop valuable communication skills, explore science and literature and learn to critically examine their society. At AS department, teaching-learning and creative activities go hand in hand, enabling students to become engaged critical thinkers. The department engages the students in the comprehensive education for the imperative subjects as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Professional Communication, which are like a torch house for their basic approach, facilitating them to utilize the knowledge in almost all the work arenas. The curriculum is designed to allow students to specialize in a few subjects while studying and experimenting with a wide range of other elective subjects. For the all round development of the students, the department endeavours to organize various co-curricular activities viz. Winter school and Summer school, National & International conferences as ICFST, workshops and talks as Gynaecological session for girl students, Sessions on Developing will power and interpersonal skills and extra-curricular activities that include Mini Epoque, Sports week, Frescos and others . The source of knowledge, inspiration and innovation springs from the applied forms of science and humanities, thus the ‘Engineering tree’ can be in its full bloom only by experiencing and incorporating the roots of Applied Sciences.



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Applied Science Classrooms

B.Tech. First year classes are use to be run in G- Block, in which there are 24 centralized air conditioned fully furnished class rooms equipped with loud speakers, CCTV cameras, LCD projectors, White boards to create best learning environment by using several means of technology. 
During the Pandemic situation, due to covid-19, we followed all mandatory guidelines and kept all centralised air conditioned switched off. Post Covid - Standard Operating Procedure for Workplace - KIET Group of Institutions


The main objective of the physics laboratory course is learning physics through experimentations. All the experiments are designed to illustrate the various phenomena in different areas of physics and also to expose the students to various instruments and their usage.  At KIET, the Physics lab is well equipped with latest devices and instruments. The lab has been set up for 12 experiments, in which most of the experiments have two-setups.