Common Facilities



An extension of PSB (Punjab S an extension of PSB (Punjab Sind Bank) is situated just adjacent to KIET. ICICI bank ATM is installed just at the main gate of the institute to assist the students in managing their finances ind Bank) is situated just adjacent to KIET. ICICI bank ATM is installed just at the main gate of the institute to assist the students in managing their finances. 


KIET is endowed with a Central Library that is connected with eight departmental libraries. It has about 1.68 lac books on Engineering, Sciences, Humanities, Management and Pharmacy with more than 10500 titles. The Library has subscribed to more than 206 Periodicals (National & Foreign). The library also has AKTU E-Consortium (E-Books, E-Journals) for faculty members and students. The library is fully air conditioned and has a separate multimedia section with internet connectivity for accessing e-journals & other sites of user’s interest. It is fully automated with Library Management System software under KOHA. The Library, at KIET, is an exclusive member of DELNET, IETE, IEI, CSI, ISTE, AIMA, CII, QCFI, ASSOCHAM etc. The library has a separate facility of Book-Bank with more than one lac books. The book bank issues the course books to the students for the entire semester. The institute is a proud member of NDL (National Digital Library), an initiative taken by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD). The database of NDL is easily accessible to the faculty, staff and students.


The purpose of these SOP is to ensure the safety of our members and guests, as well as the physical integrity of our Unique Indoor Range.

The membership will be on monthly basis.

  • The membership fee for a student is Rs.500/- per month which must be deposited in the accounts department at least one-week prior month to get the membership. 
  • All the student willing to opt for this facility, will be issued monthly ID cards. If any student wishes to either continue or discontinue his membership in the following month, he/ she must inform the trainer at least one week before expiry of the existing month. The renewal fees must be deposited in the accounts section. 
  • Total number of slots per student per week will be 2 (Twice a week) i.e. 8 hrs/month. These hours in slots will not be carry forward in the next month in any case. Slots are also nontransferable. 
  • The shooting range will be functional from 06:00 am - 08:00 am in morning and 05:30 pm and 07:30 pm in the evening. 
  • Each student can practice only two days in a week on the range.


A fully airconditioned double floored Cafeteria, with comfortable, ergonomic furniture with a capacity for around two hundred and fifty foodies is an essential part of KIET. Hygienic and lip-smacking vegetarian Indian (both North and South Indian), Chinese and Continental food is available at a nominal price for the students. Around six refreshment outlets like Heroes, Amul, Big bite, Cafe coffee day, Coke and Nishu’s Cafe and others are stationed inside the campus and open almost round the clock to cater to the needs of students studying late at night and very early in the morning as well.

Facilities @ KIET Cafeteria

  • Food Service Counters: There are the primary areas where students can order and receive their food. Different counters may offer various types of food and beverages.
  • Seating Area: Cafeteria have a seating area where students can sit and enjoy their meals. This area may include tables and chairs, booths, or communal seating.
  • Menu Variety: Cafeteria often offer a diverse menu with a range of options to cater to different dietary preferences and restrictions, including breakfast, snacks, meals, fast food, traditional food packed food items, hot & cold drinks/beverages, ice-cream etc.
  • Self-Service Stations: Cafeteria have self-service for items assisted by the canteen personnel. This allows students to customize their meals and grab what they need conveniently by ordering them at single point.
  • Meal Plans and Payment Options: Students may also have the option to pay with cash, credit cards, or UPI apps.
  • Special Events and Promotions: Cafeteria may host special events, at day and nights to keep the dining experience interesting and engaging for faculty, staff & students.
  • Healthy Options: Increasingly, Cafeteria are offering healthier food choices, including salads, shakes, and low-fat options, to promote student wellness.
  • Hours of Operation: Cafeteria typically have set operating hours, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner services as follows:

Monday to Saturday- 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Sunday -Closed

  • Takeout and Grab-and-Go Options: To accommodate students who are in a hurry or prefer to eat elsewhere, cafeteria also offer takeout or grab-and-go options with Freshly prepared, pre-packaged meals and snacks.
  • Hygiene and Cleanliness: Canteens maintains high standards of cleanliness and hygiene to ensure food safety. This includes regular cleaning, food storage protocols, insect traps, staff training and regular checks.
  • Student Feedback: The organizers of cafeteria ask students to provide feedback on the canteen's food quality, service, and overall experience. This feedback helps to improve the dining facilities.


MPC/The General Purpose Departmental Store inside the campus area caters to the daily requirements of the students. Students can purchase all products of need from the shop. All stationary items along with mobile recharge facilities are available in this store. The extension counter of the grocery shop is also functional in the girl’s hostel.


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So how can you go about utilizing YourDOST's services for free as a student of KIET?

Here's how

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  • Alternatively, you can sign up with your personal email id Important! - In this case, you must sign up using your college's/hostel's network. Once that's done, you can use YourDOST from any network.
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The institute has medical OPD facility within the campus, a qualified senior MBBS doctor regularly visits the campus from 1500 hrs to 1700 hrs daily to cater to the medical needs of the patients. One trained male nursing assistant is also available in the campus from 0900 hrs to evening 1900 hrs in the OPD. Two ambulances are always available in the KIET campus to exclusively serve the emergency needs of the KIETians. We also have an advantage of sharing the same boundary wall the ITS dental college. The Surya hospital of ITS dental college is always there to look after the emergencies.