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  • Number of professional development / administrative training programmes organized by the College for teaching and non teaching staff during the year - AY -2019-20
    Year Title of the administrative training programme organised for non-teaching staff From date To Date
    2020 Personality Types at Workplace 15th July 15th July
    2020 How to win friends and influence people 14th July 14th July
    2020 How to greet when you meet 13th July 13th July
    2020 Coping with Uncertain times 11th July 11th July
    2020 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 10th July 10th July
    2020 A film inside out 20th June 20th June
    2020 JAM(Just a minute) 19th June 19th June
    2020 One day in your city 18th June 18th June
    2020 Basic English Grammar 13th June 13th June
    2020 Spirituality at work Place 12th June 12th June
    2020 Office Etiquette     6th June 6th June
    2020 Non verbal communication and its importance 14th May 14th May
    2020 Workplace Communication 13th May 13th May
    2020 Email Etiquette 12th May 12th May
    2020 Rapport Building at the Workplace 11th May 11th May
    2020 Telephonic & Office Etiquette 9th May 9th May
    2020 Best practices while working from home to boost up the productivity 25th April 25th April
    2020 Spotting Common Grammatical Errors 21st April 22nd April
    2020 Pronunciation & word formation 20th April 20th April
    2020 Take charge of your Learning and Development- The Upskilling Way 18th April 18th April
    2020 Developing Character and Personality Through Personal Health and Hygiene: 16th April 16th April
    2020 Emotional Intelligence 7th April 8th April
    2020 The Power of Motives Propels your Life 7th March 7th March
    2020 Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow 29th Feb 29th Feb
    2020 Happiness at Workplace 15th Feb 15th Feb
    2020 Induction Program 13th Feb 14th Feb
    2020 Innovative Teaching & Learning Pedagogy 8th Jan 10th Jan
    2019 Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do 27th Nov 27th Nov
    2019 Don't Sweat Small Things 19th Oct 19th Oct
    2019 Press the Pause Button" 28th Sep 28th Sep
    2019 Decision Making 14th Sep 14th Sep
    2019 Induction Program 18th July 19th July
    2019 Ubuntu 30th March 30th March
    2019 Enhancing English & Communication Skills 3rd March 7th March
    2019 Anger Management 2nd Feb & 2nd March 2nd Feb & 2nd March

  • CV Raman Awardees(Top 10 Researcher at Institute level) AY: 2019-2020

  • As per the KIET Faculty/Staff Incentive policy, the Department of Human Resource analysed the faculty/staff performance for the Academic year: 2018-2019, the screening committee was headed by the Director-Dr. (Col.) A Garg and the Joint Director- Dr. Manoj Goel. This performance analysis was based on the data received from the various parameters of their annual appraisal to recognize the exemplary performance of faculty & staff members (Non Teaching) who consistently excel in their positions and demonstrate integrity and a strong commitment to the vision, mission and values of the KIET Group of Institutions. 
    The following are the lists of the employees who have been awarded as "STAR EMPLOYEE OF YEAR" (2018-19)
    The following are the lists of the employees who have been awarded as "CV RAMAN", "DHRONACHARYA" and "OUTSTANDING FACULTY"