Dean’s Message,
‘’Educating the Students, Educating the Generations, Evolving the Society, Making the Nation Technically Sounded.”

Greetings from KIET!!

It is my proud privilege and honor to be a part of KIET Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad. In over 14 departments and programs across a diverse range of disciplines, and fields, the college trains the students in multi-dimensions, and makes them industry ready.

Our students are motivated to collaborate with eminent faculties in the oversight of our academic programs. We support and help students in identifying sources of academic funding, work to promote their development as researchers, and teachers. We provide students a platform for social, and professional networking that help them in long run. KIET students attain remarkable achievements during their terms of study, and they continue to do so after they have graduated from KIET. The course curriculum which meets the industry requirement, speaks of intellectual distinction of the faculty.

KIET understands and responds to contemporary demands placed on educational institutions. The teaching pedagogy @KIET provides real time exposure and hands on training to the students to understand and analyze the business scenario.

I am deeply grateful for the presence, and guidance of an outstanding group of faculties and staffs, who have worked tirelessly, and have ensured that students will excel well in learning @ KIET.

I look forward to working with you all----Welcome to KIETGroup of Institutions.

Dr. Anil Ahlawat
Dean (A), KIET Group of Institutions

Key Responsibility Area (KRA) for Dean Academics Affairs @KIET

Dean Academics and his team coordinate the development and implementation of the college’s vision and goals.We are committed to provide strategic oversight of all matters relating to teaching and learning. Monitoring the implementation of academic policies, and decisions are the core area where look upon.

We focus not only to develop institute budget but also on the development of the teaching and learning component of the faculty operational plan. Further, the development and implementation of the faculty teaching and learning enhancement plan are other core areas to work upon. Dean Academics monitors the progress towards stated performance tests (for e.g. through NMEICT workshops). We develop, implement, and oversee strategies so as to enhance the student’s experience, and their learning etc (NPTEL and Virtual Lab).

Risk management policies and procedures in relation to teaching and learning (E-Learning) are also developed and implemented under the same umbrella. Mechanisms are regularly introduced too at promote faculty development in the area of teaching and learning. In addition, we identify and support prospective candidates for teaching excellence awards.

We coordinate the NBA for applying, and visiting among different department as well as at Institute level. We organize the IQAC for establishing quality standards and NAAC visits. Academic deans occupy a unique place in the continuum of academic administrators, as the facilitating link among department Head, faculty members, staff, students, and Institute leadership. All activities and roles of the Deans are undertaken in light of furthering the best interests of the students of KIET.

We lead, and coordinate for college strategic planning, curriculum development by university, and assessment efforts. Coordinating the assessment and development of academic programs within the Institute are our core responsibilities. Further, preparation and revision of the academic program plan i.e. Academic calendar for KIET is executed every year.

We supervise, evaluate, and support departments in a manner that promotes excellence in instruction, scholarly, and creative productivity, and services at KIET (for e.g. through IQAC). We provide recommendations to the academic council on policies and procedures, especially in the academic areas. We truly believe in maintaining effective communication among students, faculty, HoDs, Deans and staffs within the academic’s unit.

We also articulate the institute policies and procedures to all members of academic unit and ensure that the academics unit policies and practices are consistent within Institute. We work with HR team too for handling human resource issues, including the recruitment, selection of faculties, faculty performance appraisal, performance management issues and faculty grievances.

Over and above, our team address grievances related to academics, evaluate faculties’ feedback, look for software requirements for automation, and consider ranking and rating agencies for promotion and branding (QS I Guage etc.).

We also serve additional responsibilities as assigned by the Director for Academic affairs.