About KIET Research

Funded R & D Projects/Consultancy

    S. No.SchemeFunding AgencyAmount (Rs. in Lac)Academic Year
    1Skill and Personality Development Program Centre for SC/ST students (SPDC)AICTE, New Delhi15.332019-20
    2Big Data Analysis using Hadoop (MODROBS)AICTE, New Delhi2.692019-20
    3Conference GrantAKTU, Lucknow0.52019-20
    4Conference GrantDST, New Delhi0.52019-20
    5Conference GrantAKTU, Lucknow12019-20
    6Conference GrantAICTE, New Delhi52019-20
    7Collaborative Research and Innovation Program (CRIP)AKTU, Lucknow32018-19
    8Collaborative Research and Innovation Program (CRIP)AKTU, Lucknow32018-19
    9Work in various aspects for Structural Design work (Consultancy)Engineering Design & Research Pvt. Ltd. (EDRPL)12.852018-19
    10Power Electronics LabMODROBS, AICTE, New Delhi15.032018-19
    11Major Research Granton Drug discovery and developmentSERB, DST, New Delhi17.262018-19
    12Project Development
    Fully Automatic Smart Dustbin
    CST, UP0.12018-19
    13Collaborative Research and Innovation Program (CRIP)AKTU, Lucknow0.52018-19
    14Collaborative Research and Innovation Program (CRIP)AKTU, Lucknow12018-19
    15Visvesvaraya Research Promotion SchemeAKTU, Lucknow52018-19
    16Seminar/Symposia scheme for ETCDD-2018SERB, New Delhi12017-18
    17Conference Grant for ETCDD-2018ICMR, New Delhi0.52017-18
    18Visvesvaraya Research Promotion SchemeAKTU, Lucknow4.52017-18
    19Performance of FRP REBARS for reinforcment of concretes labAKTU, Lucknow4.952017-18
    20National Conference GrantAKTU, Lucknow0.52017-18
    Work in various aspects for Structural Design work
    Engineering Design & Research Pvt. Ltd. (EDRPL)18.042017-18
    22Visvesvaraya Research Promotion Scheme AKTU,Lucknow42017-18
    23International Conference on Recent Trends and Innovations In Mechanical EngineeringSERB, New Delhi22017-18
    24FDP grant on Manufacturing Science & Technology (MST-2018),AKTU under TEQIP-III2.22017-18
    25FDP grant on Strengthening the Skills of the ProfessionalAKTU, Lucknow1.52017-18
    26Transforming Villages to Smart Villages using Crowd Funding and Smart Modelling: A Study of Western UP (India)JOINTHAND Global Concept Pvt. Ltd., Noida6.252017-18
    27Conference Grant: International Conference on Frontiers of Science & Technology (ICFST 2018)DRDO, New Delhi0.52017-18
    28 Conference Grant for ICSCMM-17CST, Lucknow0.52017-18
    29 Conference Grant for ICSCMM-17SERB, New Delhi12017-18
    30Conference Grant for ICSCMM-17AKTU, Lucknow12017-18
    31Conference Grant for International Conference on E-governance in Digital India: Prospects and Opportunities for Entrepreneurship & InnovationNSTEDB, DST, New Delhi2.382016-17
    32Conference Grant for ICFST-17CST, Lucknow0.52016-17
    33Conference Grant for ICFST-17SERB, DST, New Delhi22016-17
    34FDP Grant for Foundation Program in ICT for EducationIIT, Bombay0.252016-17